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3 Roofing Facts That May Surprise You

Modern Times Apr 8, 2019
It keeps the weather out. It keeps the heat in. It makes your life a whole lot easier, but you probably seldom think about it.

If you’re interested in new construction or want to make some repairs, here’s a peek behind the curtain (or rather, the shingle) into some of the “Did You Knows” about roofing.

Roofing is not just shingles and wood

Chances are, you’ve seen roofs made of something besides shingles nailed to wood. Modern houses may rely on slanted concrete.

Exterior structures may make use of alternative materials and brands like Everdrain to defend against the elements. Some roofs are completely made of solar panels. It depends on your home’s needs.

Roof leaking? Do not panic

Many property owners spot a roof leak and immediately worry about their savings. It’s a common misconception that if your roof has a leak, you need a full replacement.

Before you freak out, call a contractor for an inspection to see if the roof is properly set. With any luck, the repair is as simple as a quick shingle replacement.

Your roof depends on the climate

Different roofs perform better in different regions and climates. Interested in a flat roof? You could settle down in an area without much precipitation to prevent water pooling on your roof.

Headed somewhere snowy? More likely than not, a gable roof is your best bet to make sure snow isn’t causing undue stress on your home.
Who would’ve ever thought that choosing roofing could be so complex? It’s one of the most important parts of your property, so it’s critical that you’re selective when picking out styles and materials.

Thoughtful decisions could mean the difference between a roof that’s built to last and one that needs repairs after only a few years.