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5 House Problems That Don’t Require a Contractor

Muneeza Jamal Nov 25, 2019
We all know that home is where the heart is. For a 100% functioning, home needs proper renovation and maintenance, since it is prone to running into different problems.


Fortunately for you, not every home renovation problem requires you to hire a contractor. Here are 5 house problems that don't need a contractor:

Running a Clogged Toilet

A running or a clogged toilet is one of the most common problems that homeowners face from time to time. All such toilet problems are simple DIY projects which most homeowners can handle without any plumbing experience.

Example of Running Toilet

For example, a running toilet only needs a new chain assembly and a handle. You can also do it by replacing a damaged or worn flapper valve. On the other hand, for a clogged toilet, you only need a conventional plunger to get the job done. Only the most serious clogged issues need hiring a plumber.

HVAC Issues

Heating and air conditioning issues happen all the time. Sometimes, these happen at wee hours, when no contractor can be hired. However, most of the HVAC issues are not tough to handle at all. Many homeowners can easily diagnose and get the common heating and air conditioning issues sorted out.

Primary Reason Behind HVAC Issue

The heating and air-conditioning systems mostly malfunction due to clogged and dirty filters. Good news is these issues can easily be replaced or cleaned. A faulty thermostat is yet another common issue that comes under DIY replacement. But, if malfunctioning happens due to a faulty pilot, you would need to hire the expert.

A Damaged Driveway

Driveways are important. They set the first tone and impression of every home. However, small problems such as a worn out driveway can be maintained on your own. A good quality driveway sealant can fix the problem when applied from time to time.

DIY Sealants for Driveways

Various DIY sealants are available to help you extend the driveway’s life. Problems such as serious cracks can be done through a crack filler. Only the most serious driveway issues need a call to a company having expertise in home renovation.

Electrical Issue: Faulty Outlet

Electricity outlets and switches get burned many times. Replacement is required when you see smoke coming out of any such outlet. Faulty electrical outlets is a simple DIY task for the homeowners who can use a cordless drill to fix it. These drills are easily available in the market and you can select the right one by reading cordless drill reviews.

Serious Electric Issues

However, if you feel that things are serious and need more skilled hands, you can always call in a qualified electrician or a handyman service.

Fixing a Leaky Roof

House roof needs repair and maintenance on a regular basis. Roofs are prone to getting cracked and damaged, which are more of a DIY issue when the problem is within a certain area. Yet, if the damage is big, you can always consult with a local roofing firm to get the roof repaired and replaced.