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5 Plumbing Repairs Your Home Needs

Emma Sneddon Apr 9, 2019
While a complete plumbing system may seem a bit complicated at first, breaking down the system into its different parts will allow you to find the common faults more easily.

Blocked Pipes

Ensuring that you are not pouring cooking oils or fats will cut your risk of pipe blockage in half, so keep an eye out for what you dispose of carefully.

Use a sink waste catcher to ensure that no larger items end up going down the sink, and clean your bathroom plug holes on a regular basis.

Water Leakage

The majority of leaking taps can be repaired with a simple washer or two and a little tightening.

Call your local plumber in Eastern suburbs of Melbourne for blocked drain to inspect your taps and pipes at least once a year so repairs or upgrades can be made.

Toilet Plumbing Issues

Make sure that you use toilet-friendly detergents and cleaning chemicals to avoid any cracking or corrosion of plastic piping, and regularly pump the toilet to remove any build-up of crud found around the pipe.

Water Boiler

Most boilers are not user-friendly, and it is recommended that you enlist the services of a professional to deal with boiler and gas issues.

Tinkering with this equipment may cause problems later down the line. So ensure that your local plumber is fully qualified to carry out the task.

Low Water Pressure

It is usually the case that low water pressure is caused at the sink, so check to see if it is affecting the hot and water taps first. If both of the taps appear to have low water pressure, the likeliest cause is the aerator.
Every homeowner knows that keeping and maintaining your home’s plumbing system in good working order will save you money in the long term. Let's try to follow these tips.