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5 Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom

Muneeza Jamal Dec 18, 2019
Have you recently moved to Dallas? If yes, then you may be looking to furnish your home. Bathrooms are a bit challenging compared to all other areas. If you are going to redesign your bathroom, then shared here are some of the most gorgeous ideas.

1. Unique Theme

Start decorating your bathroom by selecting a theme. Wallpaper can enhance the theme of your bathroom. Choose a bold wallpaper, when the background is white. Moreover, you can use dark colored wallpapers. Decorate your bathroom using optical illustrative wallpapers. Different textured and pattern wallpapers also improve the look of the bathroom.

2. Green Plants

Aromatic indoor plants can be placed in your bathroom. The natural plants will make your surrounding clean and fresh. It will make you feel good in the morning bath. Several sized, shaped and shaded plants are available. You can select a plant, place in a pot or hang it. Artificial plants can be used.

3. Material Organizers

For a bathroom's tidy and well managed look, you can install accessories organizers. Use small cabinets to store toiletries. A beautiful towel hanger or decorative hooks will also look attractive. Waste baskets should be placed at the corner of the bathroom. Try to match the design of this basket with tissue box or toilet paper roll.

4. Antique Mirror Designs

Mirror is the central most important finishing material for a bathroom. You can use a wooden frame around the mirror or oval hanging mirror is a good choice. Black painted boundary mirror also looks beautiful. Don’t forget to install a small shelf below the mirror. If you have a small space than DIY triangular mirror is what you need.

5. Installing Lights

Install a chic chandelier over the bath tub to feel relaxed. If you love to read a book while relaxing in bathtub, don’t forget to install a cozy bathtub nook. Also try fancy lights, bulbs and lantern-shaped sconces to give a luxurious look to your bathroom.


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