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6 Ways to Improve Your Roof

Kevin Gardner Jan 11, 2020
You probably don’t think about the roof on your home very often. Maybe you replace your roof every 10 years or so. Perhaps you’ve repaired some major issues in between. However, if you are like most homeowners, you don’t think about the top of your home unless there is a problem.

1) Inspect Your Roof Often

Perhaps the most important thing to do is to inspect your roof. Following a good inspection checklist and making note of any issues can help you catch them before they become major problems. By fixing minor damage, you can save a lot of money down the road.
You only need to do this about once per year. However, if you live somewhere that roof damage is common, consider inspecting it every three to six months instead.
Simply look for any cracked shingles or tiles, damaged flashing, rot or anything else that looks incorrect. When you see something, schedule a professional to come and check it out. The difference could be between fixing a couple of shingles or replacing your roof early.

2) Add a Gutter Protector

Your gutters can get clogged with dirt and leaves. They also can be damaged by rainwater freezing in the winter. Keeping them clean so that they drain smoothly is a good way to ensure that they will hold up against the test of time.
If your gutters get clogged, water will drain less efficiently from your roof. This can cause damage. Additionally, if they are weighed down by dirt or ice, they can cause damage where they are attached to the roof. In short, protect your gutters and clean them often.

3) Install Solar Panels

One of the best uses for your roof is adding electricity-generating solar panels. All that space up there is likely going unused right now. You could get some solar panels to power your home and possibly even earn a credit from your electric company.
Better yet, solar panels can be installed at a relatively low cost these days. Between government subsidies, leasing, financing and power purchase agreements, you can get solar power with a minimal investment. In fact, with a PPA, you don’t have to pay anything to have panels installed.

4) Improve Attic Ventilation

If your attic is poorly ventilated, it may be getting damp and hot. This spells bad news for your roof. That creates an environment in which mold can grow and the wood can rot. It is also less than ideal for shingles to have a moist space underneath them.
The good news is that a little work on your ventilation can help keep moisture out. Furthermore, if you are having trouble cooling your home in the summer, ventilation will stop the attic from being a hot box that heats the rest of the home.
Good-quality passive ventilation can do a lot of work, but you can go even further with an active system that detects when it is needed.

5) Change Colors

What color is your roof? You may be surprised to learn that this question has implications beyond looks. A dark roof absorbs more heat than a light one. Consider what you want your roof to do for you. You may want to change the color of the shingles to be more energy efficient.

6) Insulate Your Attic

Your roof may be costing you a lot of money due to poor attic insulation. Whether you are heating your home in the winter or cooling it in the summer, the roof is your enemy. However, you can greatly improve the situation by updating your attic insulation.
Many homes, especially older ones, have insufficient insulation. Some old attic had no insulation at all. Make some improvements and your roof will be your ally instead of your enemy.
Learn more about how improvements to your roof can save you money on your electricity bill. From solar to better insulation, there are many improvements you can make.