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6 Ways to Organize Your Garage Space

James Anderson Oct 25, 2019
Home is where the heart is, right? A haven. It's the place that you spend a large portion of your time and where you raise your family. Therefore, we must keep our living spaces clean and organized. Unfortunately, we tend to forget about our garages, which most often doubles up as a storage space. Luckily there're a few things you can do to sort it all out!

1. Invest in Proper Storage Equipment

Investing in wall storage or overhead storage is a great way to open floor space. It's also easier to organize items placed on shelves and compartments. For sporting equipment like bikes and kayaks, get yourself a bike stand, or and overhead ceiling hoist system for kayaks. It will look great!

2. Magnetize Your Work Bench

This is an awesome way of keeping tools well-organized and accessible. You can get magnetic strips in an array of sizes. Make use of your garage's wall space by mounting magnetic strips against the wall and sticking your tools to them! No more fumbling around in toolboxes, now you can see exactly where your tools are and just grab what you need!

3. Pegboards

Pegboards are great when it comes to organizing your garage space. Use them to attach and hang tools, small baskets, and holders for further storage space!

4. Get Yourself Some Storage Bins

Buying some humble storage bins will help keep your garage neat and clean. Add labels to them to make it clear what the content of the bins is.

5. Clean Up and Clean Out

This seems so insignificant, but a good spring cleaning will do wonders for your garage! Throw away everything that is taking unnecessary space, or no longer of any use! No use in hoarding a bunch of stuff that is cluttering up space! A good spring cleaning can have a major therapeutic effect on you; you'll feel lighter!

6. Pack Smart

When organizing your garage, be smart about it. Make sure you store objects that are most often used, in easy to reach places. Stuff that you don't use on a regular basis can be stored more out of the way and on higher up storage units.

To End It Off

Your garage space should not be neglected, just because it's out of sight and out of mind. Things tend to pile up and before you know it your garage is in complete disarray! We've all been there, but luckily these few tips and tricks will help you to make sure that you're garage space stays neat, organized and in shape!