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8 Strategies on How to Pack Up a Home Library

Sean Phillips May 6, 2019
At the time of preparing for a move, your collection of books might turn out to be a major concern! Moreover, you might just underestimate it and not treat it as a priority, at least in the initial stage. Usually, books are regular in shape. These seem pretty easy to pack in a box. There are some books that are heavy while others may be fragile.

Here are the top 8 strategies on how to pack up a home library

Try to Curb Your Shelves

Moving is just the right time when you can think of clearing some of those useless books that have been lingering on your shelves for years.

Pick up those books that you do not intend to read ever again. You can take these books to a used bookstore, the library or Goodwill. Try to sell or donate. These are the best ways to get rid of some books.

Sort and Organize your Books by Size

The organization is the key, yet again! Once you have sorted your books, try to separate them out into hardcover books and paperbacks. Do so before putting them into boxes.

Within these categories, organize your books by size, shape, color or any other term. These groupings usually allow you to fit the largest number of books possible into each small box.

Go for the Right Packing Materials

Keep in mind that strong boxes are just the ideal materials for packing your books. When you have placed as many books into a box as possible, try to look for any gaps or empty spaces.

Make sure to use bubble wrap or packing paper to fill in these gaps. This will help you to avoid shifting during the moving process.

Come up with Creative Packing Ideas

There might be many packing supplies that are unusual. Some of these do work well to ensure the safety of your books. Some of these are liquor store boxes, reusable grocery bags, storage baskets, and brown paper bags.

In case your move is a short one, you can go for these packing supplies. You can use suitcases with wheels to move books.

Label Properly

You must pack strategically when it comes to packing your library! You must keep books that are shelved together in the same boxes. This way you will not be digging around for books that go together at the time of unpacking.

You can clearly mark the book boxes. This is the best way to avoid confusion at the time of packing and moving your library.

Put the Essential Reading Materials Separately

Do not try to pack all of your books randomly. Make sure you leave out some options to read just before and after your move.

You can put these books in the same box you put all of your other essential items. A good book ensures a good pastime, after all!

Unpack your Books Systematically

Keep in mind that getting the books in place makes your house feel neat. There will be no clutter if you unpack your books well. You might have a dedicated space for books, like a spare bedroom or a library.

Final Thought

Go for a reliable moving company to get your library moved! Books need to be packed really well.

Books and DVDs should be packed vertically, with the spine pointed downwards. This will help protect the object at the time of travel.