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Advantages of a Convection Oven

Shashank Nakate Feb 15, 2019
The convection ovens make use of circulated heated air to cook the food. The advantages of a this oven over the traditional ones are energy efficiency, time saving, and cost efficiency. Read on for more details.
The fundamental difference between the working of a convection oven and the other oven is that the former makes use of circulated heated air to cook food. The layer of air that acts as an insulation around the food in commonly used ovens is stripped away in the convection ovens.
The heat is lost quickly if the wind speed is greater. Convection ovens use the same principle in cooking food. If a warm flow of air is circulated throughout the oven, it helps in cooking the food quickly.
This is because the layer of insulation that develops around the food in traditional ovens is removed in this oven. It creates a 'wind chill' effect and warms the food quickly.


There are many advantages this kitchen appliance offers in cooking food efficiently. Let's look into these advantages!
  • The most important advantages is the faster rate at which this oven warms or cooks the food.
  • It facilitates even cooking owing to heated air circulation. Thus, the position or placement of food doesn't matter for proper heating in this oven. The circulated air heats the food placed on racks, even if it is away from the source of heat.
  • The temperature needed to cook the food in this oven is much lesser as compared to the conventional radiant ovens. The reduction in temperature needs is about 25 degrees. The time required in cooking the food is reduced by around 25% in this oven.
  • These advantages allow us to derive a conclusion that convection ovens are energy efficient.
  • Cooking in this oven retains the internal or inherent moisture present in the food. Bakery products like pies and bread turn brown quickly in convection ovens as compared to that in the traditional ovens. The internal moisture too is retained.
  • The vitamins and nutrients present in the food are retained even after cooking in this cookware.
Reheating the food in radiant ovens could be difficult at times. This is because, the uneven heating in these ovens spoil the food. The food might get dehydrated, thereby reducing its quality. A convection oven overcomes the aforementioned disadvantage of a traditional oven and helps in reheating the food quickly.
The advantages of this oven over the traditional ones make it a better alternative for cooking. Although convection ovens are a bit expensive, having one at home saves your valuable time. The fact that these ovens are energy efficient makes them an environment friendly device. Thus, one should try to use convection ovens for the numerous benefits it offers.