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Aluminum Siding Repair

Aluminum Siding Repair
Aluminum siding repair work is much simpler than mending any other type of house siding materials. Read this article to learn about how to repair damaged aluminum siding.
Bidisha Mukherjee
Aluminum is an extremely popular siding material that is used as part of home improvement by homeowners. This is because of several advantages associated with using aluminum siding on the exterior walls of a house. It not just provides protection to the walls from harsh weather conditions, but it also insulates a home when temperatures drop. It is an inexpensive material that is highly durable. The best part is that aluminum repairs costs won't leave you frowning, but breathing a sigh of relief because of how reasonable it is. Even its maintenance is economical.
How to Repair Aluminum Siding
Among the different types of house siding materials, aluminum is a better choice since it can sustain damages due to its exposure to weather elements and other external factors. Some common forms of damage include dents, dings, holes, and minor scratches. The following are the most common methods of repairing aluminum siding:
Minor-Scratch Repair
Faint but visible scratch marks often appear on the surface of aluminum siding, due to the accidental rubbing of sharp objects against it. When these marks become visible, it gives the siding an appealing look. You can fix this problem with a slight touch up, using paint. Identify the area of the scratch marks and apply a coat of rust-resistant primer that is suitable for aluminum metal. Wait for an hour for the primer to set, and then apply a good-quality acrylic paint on the primer-coated aluminum surface, to conceal the scratches.
Dent Repair
Locate the central point of the dent, and drill a small hole there. Insert a screw partly into the drilled hole, and hold the screw's head with the help of a pair of pliers, gently pulling it upwards to pop the dent. If the dent is big enough, you can drill two holes and insert the screws before popping the dents out. Take out the screw from the hole and sand the area with sandpaper. Wipe off the sanded dust and then fill the drilled hole with an automotive body filler. Allow the filler to dry before applying a coat of metal primer on the repaired section. After the primer dries, paint the repaired surface with two coats of acrylic paint.
Corroded-Surface Repair
If the siding undergoes corrosion, cream-white/white residue will fall from it, making the surface rough and damaged. To tackle this problem, scrub the siding thoroughly with fine steel wool to get rid of loosely-bound debris, before washing it off; let the siding dry completely. Then apply a coat of primer followed by an acrylic paint; make sure that the paint is applied only after the primer coat dries up.
Siding Replacement
If any portion of the siding has sustained severe damage, then there is no choice but to replace the section with a new strip of siding. This aluminum siding repair job is slightly more difficult compared to what we just explained. Mark the damaged section of the siding with vertical lines and carefully cut out the lower portion of the damaged siding, keeping only the upper part intact using tin snips and a utility knife. Measure the size of the entire damaged part and find a replacement siding that is 6 inches more than the length of the damaged part. This will enable the replacement patch to overlap with the main siding by 3 inches, on either side. Cut off the nailing strip from this piece.
Apply a generous amount of polyurethane caulk or silicone sealant on the side's and bottom's edges. Similarly, spread it on the damaged part of the siding panel too. Now, slide the replacement patch into the damaged cut out area, and fit it under the upper and lower rows of the main siding panel.
Do not forget to protect yourself with appropriate protective gear like goggles, a facial mask, gloves, overalls, etc. If you feel that the repair work involved is a tough job, do not hesitate to hire a professional to do it for you.
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