Apartment Cleaning Tips

Do you struggle every time you are cleaning your apartment? Then, here are some useful that will help in making your work easier and enjoyable.
Cleaning is one of the most tiresome chores that one needs to do regularly. You may wish to have a sparkling apartment that always looks as though it has just been renovated, but, most of the time, it remains only a wish as you find it very difficult to start cleaning. You may start house cleaning, but, at the end, no matter how hard you try, things look the same. So, what should you do in order to clean your apartment and make it look better and presentable? Well, follow the simple apartment cleaning tips given below.

Apartment Maintenance Tips

One of the most important things to keep in mind while cleaning an apartment is to start with one thing at a time. As cleaning the whole apartment at once can itself seem like an herculean task, why not start part by part or room by room.

Living Room
The living room is the one room that will be noticed by guests first. Remember that a clean and beautiful living room looks welcoming to you as well as others.
  • Start with putting all the things in their appropriate places like the magazines and newspapers on the table, the CDs and DVDs in their cases, plates and glasses in the kitchen, etc.
  • Now remove the curtains, couch covers (if any) and other washable items that are dirty and put them aside for washing.
  • Remove all the things from the coffee table and side tables.
  • Now clean all the drawers, tables, electronic gadgets like the television with a feather duster.
  • Rearrange all the things in place. Throw away the unnecessary things.
  • Lastly, clean the floor as all the dust from cleaning the tables must now be on the floor. Vacuum the floors and mats.
Kitchen cleaning is the most time-consuming of the lot. But, you got to do it, and it is actually easier than it seems.
  • First of all clean all the dishes, bowls, glasses, and utensils piled in your kitchen sink. If they are difficult to clean in one go, soak them in lukewarm water and clean after 20-25 minutes.
  • Now clean the walls and the kitchen counter tops with soap water and sponge. Also remember to clean it with clean water again.
  • Clean all the kitchen appliances according to the manual provided. Do not clean the inner side of fridge, microwave or oven with water. Clean only according to the given directions.
  • Check the closets and throw away the unwanted, unused or expired food items. Rearrange the remaining things according to their usage and priority. You can put a paper in the closets to prevent dust and molds from growing.
  • Lastly, sweep the kitchen floor with a broom or vacuum it.
More often than not, the bedroom is a place to pile up all the things, specially clothes. Cleaning the bedroom is the easiest of all.
  • First and foremost, pick up all the dirty clothes, papers and other things and keep them in their proper places.
  • Do not pile the closet with clothes. Rather sort them out according to variety, color, type, etc., and arrange the closet accordingly. (It is better if you arrange the closet later or you will be bored of cleaning the entire apartment by the time you are done with the closet)
  • The side table specially should be looked after and cleaned as it is one of the most cluttered places in a bedroom.
  • Clean all the wall hangings, portraits, pictures, etc., with a feather brush.
  • Wipe the mirror of the dressing table with a semi wet cloth.
  • Now remove the old bed spreads and curtains and keep them aside for washing. Replace them with fresh and clean ones.
  • Lastly, vacuum the floor.
Actually a bathroom needs to be cleaned every day as a part of simple hygiene. It is not difficult to clean the bathroom as it is only a small part of the apartment.
  • Scrub the sinks, tub and the toilet with a toilet cleaner and brush. Do not forget to clean the faucets
  • Remove the shower curtain and clean it with soap water. Let it dry naturally and then rehang it
  • Clear the bathroom cabinet of all the expired medications and unwanted toiletries.
  • Clean the fans, trash can, and laundry in the bathroom.
  • Mop the bathroom floor and let it dry naturally.
If you go by the method of one at a time, you will realize that cleaning an apartment is not that difficult. Clean and vacuum the rooms regularly. At least try to do the dishes regularly so that they do not pile up. Lastly, you can make your own apartment cleaning checklist and work accordingly to minimize the trouble of putting in a lot of hard work on one single day!
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