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Appliance Paint

Use Good Quality Paint to Give Your Old Appliances a New Look

Sometimes you are tempted to replace old appliances just because they've developed scratches and don't look as nice anymore. Some coats of paint can help hide these scratches and make your device feel brand new. This article explains what appliance paint is and how to use it.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
Kitchen appliances start looking old after a few years. The color fades and the shiny coat that made it look brand new develops scratches and marks. If the appliance still works well, it doesn't make sense to replace it. But the fact is, such an appliance makes your kitchen look old and shabby.
A good solution for this would be to apply a coat of paint over it. Appliance paint is a paint that is specially formulated for use on appliances. Ordinary interior paint cannot be applied on appliances since they do not adhere well, and they are likely to peel off very soon. Appliance paint is generally of two varieties: brush-on, where you can use a brush to apply it; and spray paint, which is released in a fine spray mist.
How to Use Paint for Appliances
Applying paint is a very cheap option to match the colors of your appliances with your interiors, as well as to make old appliances look new. But not all kitchen devices can be coated with this paint. High temperature emanating appliances like ovens, hobs, and stoves should not be painted, since the paint would melt off and cause damage to the devices. Refrigerators, food processors, dishwashers, and microwave ovens are ideal for this paint. Before you apply a coat of paint, it is important for you to choose a formula that works for you. Also read the instructions given at the back of the paint container to understand which appliances you can apply it on.
Painting Procedure
Before you start, you need to choose a color. Choose one that matches the interiors of your kitchen, and also decide whether you want the spray or a brush-on variety. To paint an entire appliance, spray-on works well. However, if you just want to hide nicks and scratches, then a brush-on paint will suffice. Next, you need to prepare the appliance.
Clean the appliance thoroughly with diluted white vinegar to remove all dust, dirt, and grime. Pay special attention to the nooks and crannies. If there is any rust, then you need to apply a special product that will prevent it from spreading. Now let the appliance dry completely, and take it outside where you can paint it without messing anything else up. Doing this outside helps in drying and deals with ventilation problems. Spread old newspapers around the device to protect the floor.
Next, shake the can of spray paint and start spraying the appliance in an even coat. Work from one corner to the other, and make sure that you hold the can of paint at least a foot away. Apply two to three coats for maximum coverage. Allow it to dry for over 24 hours before taking it back to the kitchen.
You can also use stainless steel paint for a steel-like finish. When you are remodeling a kitchen on a budget, appliance paint can help keep costs down.