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Mattress Buying Guide: Are Box Springs Really Necessary?

Are Box Springs Really Necessary for Mattresses?
A good night's sleep is essential for your engine to keep humming, and this to a great extent hinges on your mattress. What do we mean by a good mattress? The one that comes with a sturdy bed base and affords good support and comfort. Know whether box spring, a popular bed base choice, is really necessary for mattresses.
Sai Kardile
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
A motor-based power base for your mattress!
The adjustable power bed bases make an amazing option which comes with features that allow you to change the position of your bed, and it also includes a massage feature.
Box springs are a common type of bed base with a wooden frame containing either coiled springs or metal rods, which are covered in a cloth or any synthetic fabric. Box springs are engineered to provide support to the mattress. It softens the firmness of the bed, raises the height of the bed (making getting in and out of the bed easier), as well as absorbs shock.
They act as an extra covering of cushioning that allows air circulation and lessens damage caused as a result of rough handling. As box springs are designed to provide flexibility to the mattress, they also contribute to its longevity.
Do all mattresses come with a box spring?
Box spring mattress.
If you have gone for a mattress shopping, you will have realized that the selection often comes in the form of a set, that is a mattress and box springs. It is at this point that you will reach a fork in the road, unable to decide whether to buy a mattress with a box spring or without it. Well, even when you are unable to decide, you still know that your mattress will be needed to be put on something; well of course, unless you want to be too close to the ground (but that look is such a blow to the space aesthetics!)
What is the purpose of a box spring under a mattress?
The reason mattresses come with box springs is because every mattress needs a specific type of support; hence, the box spring, likewise, is designed to work with the mattress. Your mattress does need a box spring as it functions as a shock absorber as they have some 'give' to it that helps to relieve pressure from the mattress.
Is there a difference in box springs?
A box spring is always used in union with the bed frame, and not everyone likes their mattresses to be right on the ground. So, a mattress with a box spring on a bed frame will keep your hygiene issues out of question. Depending on your aesthetic preference, you can go in for a low-profile box springs option, which measures between 5 or 6 inches and makes a good choice for those who don't want their sleep surface to be too high or for those who already have a high bed frame and are purchasing a tall mattress as getting in and out of the bed becomes a bit problematic. A standard high-profile box spring that stands tall at 9 inches is another type of box spring.
Do all mattresses need a box spring?
While it is true that all mattresses need a support, it however need not come from a box spring only. Those who own a platform bed need not use a box spring for their mattress, as it gets the requisite support from the slats and/or solid panel. In this case, any type of mattress can be supported with the platform bed's platform surface.
Do you need box springs for a memory foam mattress?
Hand stamp on memory foam mattress

Well, most memory foam mattresses are engineered to remain firm and work sturdy on flat surfaces, even without the box spring base. But, you can still use a box spring underneath; however, make sure that the box spring is evenly distributed and long as memory foam mattresses take the shape of the bed base, and if it is uneven, it will cause discomfort. You can also put a 1/4" layer of perforated plywood over it to give it the necessary support and air circulation underneath the mattress.
We hope this article helps you solve your mattress bed base quandary. Also, make sure you ask the mattress manufacturer whether not buying a mattress as a set will affect its warranty and performance, as you don't want to forgo the box spring just because it saves you a few dollars.