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How to Replace a Bathtub Drain Stopper

How to Replace a Bathtub Drain Stopper

With the help of the right tools, you can easily replace an old bathtub drain stopper with the new. Read the HomeQuicks article to learn the steps, and see how you can even fix a stuck stopper as well.
HomeQuicks Staff
Replace the Old Stopper

Whether you want to repair, remove, or replace a bathtub drain stopper, follow the steps mentioned below.
  • You will require a tub drain wrench, a plumber's putty, pliers, replacement stopper, hand gloves, screwdriver, and cleaning rags.
  • First you will need to remove the plug with the help of the pliers.
  • Wear the hand gloves, grab the plug, twist it counterclockwise, and remove it from its hole.
  • With the help of the tub wrench, you will insert it inside the hole.
  • Twist the wrench counterclockwise as well so that the drain flange is unscrewed.
  • Pull it out and keep the flange on a cleaning rag.
  • The new stopper will come with a drain flange; so we need to install that as well.
  • Spread plumber's putty underneath the rim of the flange so that there won't be an issue with excess water drainage.
  • Place the new flange in place of the old one and then the new stopper.
  • Use the wrench and now twist the stopper clockwise so that it will fit perfectly inside the hole.
  • Place the screws on the stopper properly and then in clockwise manner, twist the stopper in its place.
  • This will fix the stopper properly and won't move while in use.
  • Test it by filling the bathtub with water, and see if the water is draining out of the tub or not.
When the Stopper is Stuck

If your stopper is stuck over the drain and you can't seem to make it budge, follow these steps.
  • Take a flat-head screwdriver and gently, try to squeeze it in between the stopper and the drain.
  • Now try to pop the stopper upward. You can hold a towel over the stopper.
  • This towel will help the stopper from flying when it pops up. Also, you won't hurt yourself with the screwdriver.
  • If the screwdriver doesn't work, you can use pliers as well.
  • Pull the stopper carefully and clean the stopper along with the drain itself.
  • As this area is often ignored while cleaning, it can make the stopper get stuck there because of grease and soap scum.
What are the Different Types

The issue with these stoppers occurs with many people that the stopper is either not the right size, needs to be repaired, or is stuck. There are different types and sizes of stoppers found which you can use in your bathtub. Depending on the drain opening in your bathtub, you can purchase either stoppers with the pulling chain or rubber grips. Also, you get various sizes of stoppers between 1'' to 5'' in diameter. So whenever you do shop for a new stopper, do so after taking proper measurements. Now I don't want to make things complicated, but in the 2 types of stoppers, there are few varieties as well. You can get stoppers which have a lever, circular rubber, pop-up, stainless steel toggle, plunger, and threaded style. To understand and view what these stoppers look like, you can visit your local home improvement store.