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Becoming the Envy of the Neighborhood

Mia Morales Dec 03, 2019
Despite how cliche the vision of the 'perfect home' has become, many people still find themselves either consciously or unconsciously envisioning themselves in some semblance of this idea when it comes to imagining themselves in a home.
Knowing what to expect when you buy a home and the maintenance it will require to keep the home looking as picturesque as when you first bought it can help remove some of the surprise from home-ownership and make the upkeep of your home more manageable.


Perhaps the most economical thing you can do to maintain the exterior appearance of your home is to pick up the clutter. Keep your lawn, driveway and sidewalk areas free of anything that may not belong there such as toys and bikes.
If you find you need to keep something within the view on your lawn, make it a point to use that storage temporarily. If you make it a priority to clean clutter from the outside of your home daily and it shouldn't take more than a few minutes each day.

Keep up With the Lawn Care

Another relatively low-cost option for preserving the look of your home is regular lawn care. Consistent mowing can present a uniform, clean look and add immediate aesthetic value. Other lawn issues such as the need for fertilization,
aeration or pest control can further come from local lawn services and are an important part of keeping your lawn in pristine condition. Lawn care also extends to decorative flower and garden beds as well. Regularly free your beds from weeds and prune back overgrowth.

Clean the Siding

The siding of your home can take a beating from the elements, and mold can build-up slowly over time. You should pressure wash your home at least once a year and potentially more depending on where you live and your local climate.
If purchasing a pressure washer is cost-prohibitive, many hardware stores have rental options. Be sure to ask about using the pressure washer and understand the directions before completing your project, a misunderstanding of how to use the washer could result in damage to your siding and a costly repair.

Refresh the Paint or Stain

Keeping up with new coats of paint or stain on the woodwork (porches, decks, fences) can be a great way to keep your home looking in its best condition. These projects require minimal monetary investment but can require a substantial investment of your time.
If you are adding a fresh coat of paint, be sure to remove as much of the old paint beforehand in order to avoid chipping and flaking of the coat you plan to add!

Pave the Driveway

Approximately every two to three years, you should plan to have your driveway resurface or repaved. Doing so will help prolong the life of your driveway and can provide you with that slick black look that comes with a new home.
Cold winters and hot summers are oftentimes the most damaging on a driveway, so if you live in an area with either or both of these, you may want to keep a close eye on the state of your driveway.


Most humans would probably admit that others' perceptions of them have an impact, which is why keeping up with the perceived Joneses can feel like a formidable, if not impossible, task.
Regular maintenance scheduled at appropriate times, however, can help make keeping up that much easier. Who knows? Perhaps you will find yourself as the new 'Joneses' in the neighborhood.