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Benefits of Portable Sawmills

The Wonderful Lesser-known Benefits of Portable Sawmills

You can set up a portable sawmill in the midst of trees being cut. There are many more benefits of a portable sawmill. Here they are along with information about the types and tips on how to choose one.
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Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Every human being has been sent to this Earth for a reason, something they spend their whole life trying to figure out. There are varied occupations which all contribute to making the world a place that supports life and does so beautifully. I have begun this article like this because of the contribution that is made by people who work with sawmills, the product they provide eventually helps the whole population in so many ways.
A Walk Down Memory Lane
The beginning of the portable sawmill can be traced to the 1970s. It was around this time, especially during the 1973 energy crisis and the back to the land movement, that led to an interest in small woodlots and self-sufficiency. Before this, small-scale sawmills were businesses, constructed and operated by two men (at least most of the time) who had a strong liking for working on things.
Unlike traditional sawmills, portable mills used a resaw blade, the kind that is used on a band saw. This blade reduced the size and weight of the support blocks and bearings, and also allowed for a different design where the head moves back and forth while the log that is being cut remains stationary.
Types of Portable Sawmills
  • Swingblade Mill
  • Bandsaw Mill
  • Chainsaw Mill
Benefits of Portable Sawmills
  • The best part of these sawmills is that they can be set up on site.
  • They help cut lumber with accuracy and speed.
  • These mills have replaced the drawknife, which was used earlier for the truing of logs for use in log construction.
  • These sawmills are beneficial as they can be used to produce specialty hardwoods that are used in furniture. They are used to produce large timbers used in post-and-beam framing techniques!
Choosing a Portable Sawmill
In order to receive the best benefits from this product it is important to select the right one. Here is some information, which will help you choose the appropriate portable sawmill.
Know What You Will Cut with It
Before buying a sawmill, it is important to determine the product and the log size you want to cut, because a mismatch can make you annoyed and cost you money and wasted materials. Apart from the log size, it is also important to consider the log diameter and length. Also consider tree species and products when choosing a sawmill.
The Size of the Production
If you are looking for an income generation mill then you would rightfully be concerned about its capability and durability. Thus, when deciding, talk to the manufactures and ask for names and addresses of users, this will help you make the right decision. There are different ranges of portable sawmills, which depend on the amount or production that you need.
Do You Need a Sawmill with Hydraulics?
Having hydraulics on a sawmill does make things faster and easier. Some users do find hydraulics an absolute necessity due to the time that is minimized because of log handling. The presence of hydraulics reduces manual labor, money, and even the need to have any other extra equipment. Since hydraulics add thousands of dollars to the cost of a sawmill, it is of prime importance to decide whether you require a sawmill with hydraulics or not!
Can You Do Without the Accessories?
Most of the sawmills come with accessories like a trailer package, extra bands or bits, and shanks with sharpening systems. Purchasing these accessories add to the cost of the sawmill. Thus, when buying a portable sawmill it is important to decide whether you require the accessories or not!