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Benefits of Portable Space Heaters

Poushali Ganguly Apr 20, 2019
A very popular option for home heating solutions is the portable space heater. Due to their size and versatality, its demand has increased rapidly. This story talks about the various benefits of portable space heaters, their disadvantages, and a few operation tips.
As the name suggests, a portable space heater is one that can be moved. Usually every home has a central heating system that serves this purpose, but in case it is not working or it is expensive, then you can opt for a portable one. Moreover, at times when you don't want your rooms to be overheated, they can be very useful.

Principle of Operation

Space heaters come across as very beneficial, as they can use any type of fuel, be it propane, electricity, natural gas, or kerosene. Their scientific functioning is very simple.
It works on the principle of convection that is the circulation of hot and cold air. Hot air, being lighter goes upwards and cold air sinks down. Some of the heaters rely on radiant heat, in which the unit emits infrared rays that heats up the surrounding objects and people within its range.


These kinds are a better choice in terms of efficiency, because if the person is going to be present in the given space for a short duration, then heating up the whole room is not beneficial. So, energy would be saved when only the individual and his surroundings are heated.
As mentioned earlier, the name itself suggests that these units can be moved from one place to the other, you can carry them to another room, another house, or another place. It is very convenient to do this, because they are manufactured keeping this property in mind, and therefore, they are very light.
They have very few large or heavy internal parts, but this does not decrease the efficiency at all. Moreover, the maintenance is also easy in comparison to the large units. This will save the cost of calling the service center and lessen any hassles.
Since the functioning is really simple, in case of minor problems you can sort it out yourself. Since these units are very small, they are very attractive and apt for the modern household with minimalist furniture.


There are various types of portable space heaters, apart from electric ones, like:
  • Gas Operated- These are equipped with oxygen depletion sensors which detects the reduction in oxygen levels and shuts off automatically if it detects a high level of carbon monoxide.
  • Wood Operated- These units should meet the government standards of safety and security and should be placed on a fire resistant floor. They use a container for ash removal.
  • Kerosene Operated- These should not be used with gasoline and the tank should never be filled beyond the full mark. They should be handled very carefully and should not be fueled indoors.
Operational Precautions
Safety is the biggest consideration when using one of these devices. Every year there are thousands of cases of fire due to their operation. So, there are some safety measures that should be taken:
  • It's essential to have a smoke alarm on the floor of your house and keep the areas around your heater paper and trash free.
  • Inflammable liquids like paints and solvents should be kept away.
  • Since it is obvious that a heater would be required, you should always plan a fire outlet.
  • You should get all your heating equipment checked once a year.
  • Try and buy newer models, which are updated with all the modern safety measures.
  • Choosing a thermostatically controlled unit not only protects your house from potential fire hazards, it also saves a lot of energy since the heater switches off automatically when the room temperature reaches a certain temperature.