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Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Best Hardwood Floor Cleaners to Choose From

Hardwood floor gives a rich and luxurious feeling, but they need to be maintained with utmost care. So what are the best hardwood floor cleaners, read on to find out.
Gaurav Shimpi
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Hardwood floors have long been known for their class and elegance. They are a prized possession of every house and hence it is necessary to take special care. Regular cleaning of hardwood floors can help to retain that rich texture for many years. These floors have a tendency to get damaged due to various elements. A dark stain on your flooring can ruin that beautiful get up of your home decor. Everybody wants to know what are the best hardwood floor cleaners that can keep the floor shiny for a long time.
Various Cleaners to Choose From
Dirt, soil and dust get accumulated on the flooring regularly. This needs to be cleaned regularly or it may even cause health problems for your family. Microscopic dust which is not visible to the naked eye can cause scratching on hardwood floors. So the best way to clean the flooring regularly is with the help of a vacuum cleaner. First you can sweep the floor with a soft brush with fine bristles.
You can vacuum the rugs and the carpets once or twice a week. There are many vacuum cleaners available in the market. But preferably choose a vacuum cleaner that has an attachment, which will make it easy to clean on bare floors. Also avoid vacuum cleaners with a beater bar. Before using any of the cleaners, it is also important to read the manufacturer's instructions given in the user manual.
Steam Cleaner
Now the first thing first, do not use a steam cleaner on unsealed floors. If you are clear on that point, let's move on. Even the best steam cleaner can harm the flooring, if you do not use it properly. Some steam cleaners can be used on hard flooring surfaces, but some might not be suitable for use on wood. Steam mops can be the best for this purpose.
Steam mops should be used according to the directions given. Steam can effectively clean the floor, and it can also disinfect the floor, making it free from all germs. But beware of the disclaimers given in the manufacturers booklet. Do not use hot steam mop head in one area of the floor for a long time as it can damage the floor. Avoid using it on unsealed floors.
Cleaning Products
Before using some of the best hardwood floor cleaning products it is best to consult your dealer, as he will know exactly what are the specific requirements of the wood flooring he has given you. Many cleaning products are available in the market. But do not use any oil-based soaps or harsh chemical induced cleaners on hardwood floor. It's better to opt for mild neutral pH cleaners.
Also avoid use of abrasive cleaners on your floors. First you can try applying any cleaning product in a small area to avoid any possible damage. There are many manufacturers who provide a full range of wood cleaning, polishing and finishing products for all kinds of hardwood floors. It will also give the floor a finish as you may desire.
Homemade Products
For cleaning, it's better to use some mild products which are easily available at home. An effective homemade cleaner is vinegar. It can get rid of stains without leaving any unwanted marks on the surface. Vinegar has perfect concentration of acetic acid (30%) that can clean the floor without any visible damage to the surface. Vinegar can also eliminate bad odor and can provide best care. Use it occasionally as excessive use of vinegar can make the floor dull.
Apart from these cleaners, you can also do waxing and polishing occasionally, to preserve the shine and exotic look of your hardwood floors. So regular cleaning, proper care and maintenance of hardwood floors is the best way to cherish that elegant and classy look of your hardwood flooring.