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Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors

Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors

In spite of having so many options for flooring, hardwood floors are still preferred by a large number of people simply for their unique and elegant look. But wood floors need proper cleaning and maintenance to retain their unparalleled look. So, find out some simple tips on cleaning hardwood floors, in this HomeQuicks article.
HomeQuicks Staff
Hardwood floors are cherished for their elegant look, rich texture, and natural beauty. But you need to keep your beautiful wood floor clean from dirt, dust, and stains, so that it can retain its classy look for several years. However, there is no need to worry, as cleaning this floor is not such a difficult task.

How to Keep Hardwood Floors Clean

Though hardwood floors are durable and can last for several years, they are susceptible to scratches and dents. Regular cleaning can help prevent scratches by removing abrasive substances like dust and dirt. Dust and dirt act like sandpapers. They can scratch and scour the surface of your hardwood floor and make it dull.

So, daily cleaning is essential to keep the floor free of dust, dirt, and grim. You can use a broom having soft bristles for daily cleaning, along with vacuuming the floor once or twice a week. Do not use a broom with harsh bristles, and a vacuum cleaner with the beater brush attachment, as they can cause considerable damage to the floor. Instead, use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment for cleaning your wood floor.

Hardwood floors are not resistant to moisture, and so, it is not advisable to use a large amount of water for cleaning them, especially if they contain worn out patches. A floor that contains worn out patches can get damaged considerably, if it is exposed to excess moisture. So, make sure that the floor and its finish are in good condition, before using water to mop it.

If the floor is in good condition, you can use a damp mop for wiping the surface. First, use soapy water to gently rub the surface and then use freshwater. Now, dry the area completely using a soft and dry towel or cloth. If your floor has polyurethane coating, then a half dry mop can be used for cleaning it.

As far as the use of hardwood cleaners are concerned, you can use a mild cleaner with a neutral pH. Cleaners that contain harsh chemicals like ammonia or ammonia-based products are not suitable for cleaning hardwood floors. The same goes for abrasive cleaners.

Before applying any product on your floor, try it in a small area to avoid any possible damage. For cleaning stains, rubbing alcohol is a good option. Many people also use a mixture of vinegar and water, which not only cleanses but also eliminates odor from the floor. However, the regular use of vinegar can make the floor dull.

Occasionally, waxing and polishing can be required to maintain the shine and glaze of your hardwood floor. But floors having polyurethane finish do not require waxing. Regular cleaning is sufficient to preserve the shine of such floors. However, do not forget to place door mats at every entrance to collect dirt and grim, so that the floor stays clean. Use door mats or rugs specifically designed for hardwood floors, instead of rubber backed and non-ventilated mats.

In addition to regular cleaning, proper care and maintenance is also important, so that your floor can retain its look and last several years. Never drag furniture over the floor. Instead, use gliding furniture pads for sliding them, and place plastic protectors under the legs of your furniture. Do not expose the floor to direct sunlight, and avoid walking over it wearing high-heeled shoes. For proper maintenance and cleaning, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions given in the user manual.
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