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Things You Probably Didn't Know About Book Binding Tapes

Shashank Nakate Oct 30, 2018
There are various types of book binding tapes for repairing old books. Some of these are cloth tapes, clear tapes, paper tapes, linen tapes, etc. Here is more on the subject matter.
The book binding tapes available are generally 1.5" in width. These are used for industrial purposes by professionals and are made from non-reflective materials that have a low-gloss finish. A natural rubber adhesive can also be used. The double-stitched binder is a new type of tape used to cover and reassemble books with a new bone folder.

What is Book Binding?

It is the process of assembling books with the help of sheets made from paper and various other materials. It involves the activity of enclosing books with covers, which could be hardback or paperback. The craft or art of book binding has its origins in India. In ancient times, Indians used leaves of palm to write sutras.
The leaves engraved with writings were bound with the help of lightweight cords or twines. Different communities and countries of the world developed and adopted different means to bind books. The binding tapes not only help assemble deteriorated books, but also prevent the slightly damaged books from getting completely damaged. 
You should only use those tapes recommended for a particular type of book (based on thickness and type of binding). It allows the tape to adhere properly to the book. Binding the spine of a damaged book is the main purpose of using tapes. However, tapes can also be used for mending torn covers of books and pages (transparent tapes).

Book Binding Tapes

This term is used for different materials that are utilized for taping a book; mostly for repairing them. Thus, this tape is also known as book repair tape. The tapes used for binding are one-sided and generally used in repairing hardback books. The pages of books separated from their spine can be fixed with the help of such tapes.

Paper Tape

It is one of the cheapest tapes available in the market mostly used for re-attaching books to a spine and other such repair works. Pages of books that are torn out from the main body can also be fixed with these tapes. Pages are thus, placed in a proper position in the books with the use of tapes. But, not suitable to repair vintage or older books.

Cloth Tape

The cloth tape is a material commonly used for book binding. It is mostly used to connect the spine of book to its hardback cover. Opening and closing of the book becomes easy if it is bound by a cloth tape. In olden days, repair work of vinyl records was carried out by means of cloth tapes.
Repairing of rips along the edges of records was easily accomplished with these tapes. The use of cloth tapes makes the binding process easier and also cost-effective. Colorful cloth tapes coated with vinyl are also available in the market. Nowadays, cloth tapes come with a variety of adhesive materials required for book binding.

Linen Tape

The linen tapes are similar to cloth tapes except that linen tapes are perforated; it makes them easy to fold. They available in the market are either coated with adhesives or specialized glues used for binding books. They are generally used for older books. While purchasing, select the closely woven tapes - which makes them strong enough for binding books.

Clear Tape

The clear tapes, also known as transparent tapes are versatile and they can be used to bind books and different reading materials. The flexible materials used to make allow for binding the magazines, comic books and paperback books with ease. These are available in varying widths and mostly used for covering magazines and small books in a protective coating.

Duct Tape

A duct tape has many different uses apart from book binding. It is used for making different accessories, mending a variety of items and treating warts. Book binding is a process mainly used to reinforce the original binding that needs some repair work.

Tyvek Tape

This tape is useful in the process of binding. For example, if you need to sew a torn signature, a piece of tyvek tape can be used to paste it along the crease; this action strengthens the torn signature.
The binding tapes have become advanced with development in technology. Nowadays, the tapes available in the market are tough, versatile and most importantly they stick well to the materials they are bound to. Many of the tapes resist cracking and overcome the effects of abrasion. Thus, we have access to great products for the purpose of book binding.