Borax for Fleas

Niharika Arya Apr 14, 2019
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Fleas can become a real headache for you and your family. Borax for fleas is one of the best solutions for this problem. If you are one of the sufferers and are desperately looking for solutions then just read on...
Fleas are very small wingless insects mostly found on the body of the animals. These small insects feed on the blood of the host and hence they are parasites. When our pets get out of the house, they may bring fleas with them.
If we ignore these fleas in the initial stage, it can result in flea infestation. They not only irritate your pets but can also bite you like mosquitoes. There are many options to get rid of fleas but using borax is an inexpensive pest control solution.
Fleas mostly come when you have a pet in your house but this does not mean it will not come without them. These fleas have a quite long life cycle. They give eggs on the carpets, bed sheets, curtains and anywhere. These eggs hatch in two weeks and become larvae. Larvae take seven months to become legless pupae.
To become an adult flea, they remain in the dormant state and wait until the right time which may come in the next six months or one year. They keep on increasing in number and can make your house totally infested in just one year if not taken care of.
The bacteria responsible for plague and typhus are transmitted by fleas. By this we can imagine the consequences of having these infested small creatures at home. Borax for flea control can definitely help you getting rid of them. Read flea bite treatment for help.

What Borax Does?

Borax is made up of boric acid which is specially meant to kill fleas, ants, etc. It attacks the nervous system and totally dehydrates their body. Previously it was thought that it can harm human beings also but recent studies reveal that if used properly, it is not harmful.
Not only for fleas, you can also use boric acid for ants. Hence, borax for flea control is considered to be the best and inexpensive option to keep your house flea free.

How to Use Borax for Fleas?

Before thinking of using borax for flea control, you should first consider the climate. If it is a moist climate, try to avoid using borax as it can get stuck with the carpet fibers and will be very difficult to vacuum it out of the carpet. If the climate is clear then go ahead with the treatment.
Borax is a chemical powder which is made up of boric acid, so while using it on carpets and clothes, first take a test. Put borax on a small part and leave it for 24 hours. If the color stays then carry on with the flea control treatment. Here are a few instructions for getting rid of fleas.
  • Locate the areas where your pet mostly is or where the fleas can nest the eggs. You can concentrate mostly on the carpets as they are more exposed to fleas and other insects.
  • Take color test on the carpet to minimize the risk of color fading because of the chemicals used in the borax powder.
  • Now use borax on the carpet by sprinkling it all over. Try to use canister which has a hole on the top so as to evenly spread borax on the carpet.
  • Use a broom to make it reach down in the carpet and to the places which are out of your reach.
  • Keep your children and your pets away from the place where you have sprinkled borax.
  • Leave it for 24 to 48 hours and let the chemicals work on the fleas and the eggs.
  • Vacuum up borax from the carpet or other areas. Remove the vacuum bag or empty it immediately and do not keep it inside the house. Vacuum the place two to three times so as to make it borax free.
  • Furniture can also be treated with borax. It is easier to make the furniture flea free than killing fleas in carpet.
  • Clean your bedding, curtains, sofa covers with borax while doing your laundry.
Follow these instructions and make your house totally flea free. You can treat your house twice a year with borax and maintain cleanliness. Borax can prove to be the best solution to get rid of these small infested insects.