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Boric Acid for Roaches

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Feb 15, 2019
Using boric acid is an effective way to kill roaches and control their infestation at home. To know more on how to use boric acid for the eradication of these pests, read on.
The infestation of roaches is quite a common problem in many households. Many homeowners require professional pest controllers to get rid of them. Being nocturnal, these pests do not like light.
They prefer hiding in dark places. Noticing a roach or two in the house could mean that hundreds of them have already infested it. Boric acid is an effective remedy to control their population and curb further infestation.
Roaches are stinky and they spoil food, clothes, and other articles. They are known to carry disease-causing microbes. Contrary to the common belief that roaches live only in unsanitary conditions, they can survive in any dark and warm or humid area of the house.
The worst problem is that they can feed on anything, ranging from food debris to paper and clothes. Among the various species, the German cockroach is found to be the most prevalent household pest in the United States.
Applying boric acid is a good solution to eradicate all types of cockroaches. It acts as a stomach poison and kills the roach immediately when the chemical enters its digestive tract. It is also absorbed by the outer covering (exoskeleton) of the roaches, causing dehydration and killing them.
Commercially, it is available in the form of a paste, gel, or white powder. Similar to any type of pest control chemical, boric acid is lethal to pets and humans. So it should be kept away from the reach of children and pets.

Boric Acid to Kill Roaches

Boric acid is an inexpensive chemical used frequently in the formulation of insect control products. Its paste that contains flour and food ingredients is considered as the best way to attract roaches. Its powder can be sprinkled over a saltine cracker and placed in the kitchen cabinets or in areas that are frequently visited by roaches.
Another recipe to kill roaches is to mix 2 parts each of boric acid powder and flour and ½ a part of confectioner's sugar. Add enough water to the mixture until you get a malleable dough. Make small balls (about 1-inch size) out of the dough, and place them behind appliances, on the countertop, and near garbage cans.
Once the boric acid is ingested by a roach, the chemical intoxicates it and kills it. Also, the roach carries traces of the chemical to its nest, thus intoxicating other roaches too.
When a female roach that has ingested boric acid, lays eggs, the hatchlings die because of chemical intoxication from the mother roach. Unlike other chemical pesticides, roaches do not develop resistance to boric acid even after several years of use.
Nevertheless, while using borax products or boric acid for eradicating roaches, make sure that you follow the instructions as given in the leaflet that comes with the product.
Generally, boric acid needs to be left overnight. In case of a slightly heavy infestation, it may have to be left for 2 to 3 days. In this case, it is advisable for the occupants of the house to stay out for that time.
Care should be taken so that the boric acid powder is not inhaled or ingested by the individual applying it. After the period of application, the areas where it was applied should be cleaned.
Controlling roaches is not as easy as other household insects. Apart from using boric acid to get rid of them, areas that may attract them (specifically, the kitchen and bathroom) should be kept clean. Unclean and untidy areas are an invitation to roaches or any other pests.
The only limiting factor with using boric acid for the eradication of roaches is the slow action of this chemical. At times, it requires 2 - 3 weeks to give positive results. Hence, it may not be a good option to use boric acid in case of a heavy infestation. In such cases, professional pest control services can be of help.