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How to Repair a Broken Window

Amruta Deshpande Nov 28, 2018
So you have a broken window caused by an errant golf ball? Wondering how to fix it? Read further, will help you to repair a broken window.
A window is that part of a house which is most prone to damage, be it the ill flung ball or a strong wind as the culprit. Getting a window repaired may require an expensive visit from a professional, and the cost can be heavy on your pockets.
The repair job doesn't actually require professional expertise, you can get it done yourself. All it requires is some basic tools and supplies, and a few hours of your time. The material can be bought from any local hardware store, and is not very expensive. One needs to understand how a window pane is fastened into the frame, before attempting to fix it.

Step 1:

Using protective gloves, remove the broken glass carefully. You can make use of pliers to remove the small shards. Tap with a hammer to break the remaining glass. Don't forget to put on your safety goggles. Discard the broken glass pieces.

Step 2:

With a screwdriver or a putty knife, scrape off the old putty from the window frame. It may require softening with a soldering iron. Small metal pieces, known as glazier's points, are driven into the frame underneath the putty to hold the glass pane in place. Remove these glazier's points by flipping them out with a chisel or pulling them out with pliers.

Step 3:

If you intend to replace the glass in an old wooden window frame, you need to apply a heavy coat of linseed oil to all the wooden sections around the frame. Allow it to soak in completely. The new putty that you will apply thereafter, will last longer if you let the wood saturate with oil.

Step 4:

Apply a very thin layer of putty around the frame where the new glass will be installed. It acts as a cushion for the glass to be inserted. The frame is now ready for the new glass to be set.

Step 5:

The replacement glass must exactly fit in the frame. Measure the opening carefully, and then get the glass cut, just about an inch smaller than the window opening.

Step 6:

Carefully insert the new glass pane in the putty and press it down firmly. Hold the pane in position and insert new glazier's points, to keep the pane firmly in place. A light blow is enough to drive the glazier's points into the wood.

Step 7:

Take a roll of putty and apply it on the frame. Smoothen it out with a putty knife, scraping all the excess putty off.
When the putty sets well, apply a coat of paint on it and let it dry well. You may need to apply two coats for a better fix. If there are any smudges on the glass, remove them with the help of turpentine or thinner. 
And your window is back to life.