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How to Make a Bucket Mouse Trap

Amruta Deshpande Apr 14, 2019
A rodent infestation is a common problem in many houses. Rats are difficult to get rid of and pose as a threat to the general health of people living in the house. Let us see how to deal with this problem using simple household appliances.
Mice belong to the rodent family and are considered as household pests. They are usually found seeking shelter in human dwellings. Although some people keep mice as pets, a majority of people consider mice as annoying creatures.
Mice that wander into your house uninvited, not only cause damage to your home, but can also carry with them, many diseases. People constantly try different things to get rid of these rodents; let's take a look at once such effective method.

How to Make a Bucket Mouse Trap

Follow these simple steps given here, on how to make this trap.
Things You Will Need
  • 1, large bucket
  • Water
  • Knife
  • Binder clips
  • Tape
  • 1, large plastic bag
  • Long wooden plank
  • Peanut butter
  • 1 pack, rat poison (powder)


Step 1: Take a bucket, large enough to store five gallons of water. Fill it with about three gallons of water. Add the rat poison powder to the water (so that the mouse dies instantly once he falls into the bucket).
Step 2: Cut open the plastic bag and lay it flat on a surface. Now, overturn the bucket on this. Using a knife, rip the plastic, following the circumference of the bucket rim, as a guide. The plastic cutout should be exactly the same size as the rim's diameter. Place it on the surface of the water in the bucket and let it float.
Step 3: Place the wooden plank at an angle from the ground, to the rim of the bucket. This will serve as a ramp, leading to the bucket's opening. Attach it firmly to the rim using the tape or binder clips.
Step 4: Carefully place crumbled biscuits dipped in the peanut butter, on the surface of the floating plastic in the bucket. Place some of this on the ramp, too. Your bucket trap for mice is ready!
Step 5: Leave this mouse trap undisturbed overnight and check the bucket in the morning. You will most likely find a dead mouse in it. Dispose the dead mouse along with the water. You can set it up again if you want to catch more mice.