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Tips to Buy Portable Electric Heaters

Poushali Ganguly Nov 20, 2018
A portable electric heater is a device that can give you a warm and comfortable environment any time, anywhere, since it is light and handy. Here are some tips to buy portable electric heaters.
Electric heaters are not a luxury, but an absolute necessity in the harsh winters. Earlier, these appliances were huge. Nowadays, the heaters are so designed that you can carry them wherever you want, your bedroom, the basement, your office, or the small garden house where you always wanted to spend some quality time.
The advantage of a portable heaters is that it is light and has a less complicated internal structure. It saves a lot of energy if you use it efficiently. Since it is portable, you keep it as close to you, thus resulting in lesser energy consumption.
The cost of maintenance is also an advantage. To begin with, it seldom has to be taken for servicing. Secondly, even if there is a problem, the mechanism is so simple that you can do it on your own. Regular cleaning is what you can do to avoid that as well.

Types of electric heaters

Radiant Electric Heaters

  • They use infrared energy to generate heat.
  • They are inexpensive and operate without noise.
  • They work for a few hours at a stretch and are convenient for a couple of people.
  • They have a very simple mechanism and do not make use of the air for their functionality.

Convection Electric Heaters

They use heat transfer liquids and an electric heating element to generate heat.
  • Unlike radiant heaters, it requires a closed atmosphere, since it does not use infrared technology.
  • The liquid is sealed permanently and does not require a refill. You would be surprised to know that there is no leakage.
  • This liquid stores heat and distributes it using air circulation.
  • It is suitable for enclosed rooms that are used often.

Things to Consider when Buying Electric Heaters

Space to be Heated

  • In terms of space, you need to consider the room size.
  • These appliances are preferably meant for a small space, therefore make sure the room where you intend to use the heater is small enough. Not literally the size of a matchbox, but it could be a small room or a small part of a large room.
  • The fact that it is portable signifies that it should be easier to carry around and place it at convenient spots; therefore, choose one that can be kept on a tabletop.
  • Again, if you are looking for a small room, the heater also has to be small, so do not go in for an bigger size.
  • It should have a radius of a minimum of 250 feet, and should be lightweight.


  • You will be using the heaters inside the house, there is a possibility of accidents occurring.
  • When it comes to safety, consider it to be the first priority.
  • It is best to buy one such heater that has an automatic shut-off feature, anti-tipping devices, and heat guards that would help you to ensure that the heating system as well as your house is safe.

Operational Features

  • Ensure that the maximum heat input is 4.2 KW, and this kind of power should only be used in larger room, which is larger than 35.78 square meters.
  • Make sure that the homeowner's insurance validates your policy in case of accidental fires because of space heaters.
  • For an input of 2.4 KW, the size of the room has to be more than 20.44 square meters.

Appliance Utility

  • Make sure that the flammable materials in the room are at least a meter away.
  • You should also consider the ventilation of the room you are going to use it in.
  • Try placing the heater away from foot traffic. It should definitely be kept away from the reach of the children and pets.
  • Try not to use the heater in the bathroom or garage.

Power Requirements

  • Choose a heater that has the Underwriter's Laboratory label attached to it, and which is thermostatically controlled so that there is no wastage of power and energy.
  • There are some heaters that have "fan only" setting for the summer months, so you can also check that while buying.
  • Radiant heaters feature quartz heating elements, thus they heat up quickly. Those radiators that are oil-filled provide warmth to larger areas, and the oil need not be replaced. It also remains warm for a longer period of time.
  • Baseboard heaters are a quiet heating arrangement, which does not make mush noise, and are quite competent for larger areas.
  • They have an adjustable thermostat for greater control. There are heater fans that feature a coil that heats up and exudes warmth to the entire area, which is why those are the best choice for commercial areas.
These were just some basic guidelines that you can follow when buying a portable electric heater. You have a gamut of choices, and it's up to you to contemplate, consider, and get the best one for you.