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Cabinet Door Hinges

A Comprehensive List of the Different Types of Door Hinges

There are different types of hinges, and choosing the right hinge for your cabinet is very important. This article lists some different types of cabinet door hinges.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Installing cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom is one of the best storage solutions for your home. When you install cabinets, you pay attention to the design and the kind of material it is made of. However, an important component that most people overlook is the door hinge.
There are many types of hinges, and what you choose will have an impact on how the cabinet will look and how efficiently the doors open and close. Not all designs of hinges look great on modern cabinets. You need to find the kinds that match the design and function of your particular cabinet. Whether you are replacing old kitchen cabinets or installing new ones, it makes sense to understand the different designs and patterns that are available in the market.
As mentioned earlier, the style of hinge that you choose will depend on the style of the cabinet. Cabinets are generally of two types; one that has a face frame and the other which is frame-less.
This type is the best for most antique-style cabinets with face frames. They consist of a frame wing and a door wing. The door wing is mounted on the back of the door, and only the frame wing is visible when the door is closed.
This type was popular during the 50s. Both the frame wing and the door wing of the hinge are mounted outside the door.
Full Inset
Full inset types are used when the door is flush against the face frame of the cabinet. In this type, the face wing and the frame wing are mounted inside the cabinet. This leaves only the knuckle of the hinge exposed, giving a very seamless look. They are used for most modern cabinets.
This type does not consist of door wing and frame wing, but instead consists of a pivot that turns around a small frame. The pivot types are incredibly versatile and can be used on inset doors and overlay doors.
Reverse Bevel
This type is used in frame-less doors. They consist of a frame wing which is installed on the frame, and the door wing is mounted on the inside surface of the door. They are a little tricky to install, and you would most probably require the services of a professional.
European Style
This type consists of two to three screws that are mounted on a metal bracket assembly. The metal bracket is installed on the back of the door and the frame, and it is secured by screws. These are the most popular for modern cabinets as they are effective, efficient, and are completely concealed from the outside.
Installation of door hinges can be done at home, although it is a time-consuming project. Most hinges can be bought from home improvement stores.