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How to Use Carpet Remnants

How to Use Carpet Remnants
Not only are carpet remnants easy to reuse, but they can prove to be a room's focal feature if used the right way. Let's take a look at what you can do with leftover carpet.
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Stores that sell carpets for large surfaces are usually found snipping a customer's choice, down to size, because of the dimensions of the room they're going to be placed in. These remnants have little or no value, therefore, stores sell these at dirt cheap prices or as part of a sales offer. You can even buy these leftover pieces from the internet, or make one yourself if you have any remnants lying around. If you bought yourself a carpet and cut away the excess according to your room's dimension's, you're sure to feel stumped about what to do with all that extra carpet. No worries, we have the perfect solutions for those carpet remnants.
Using Carpet Remnants in a Home
Runner Carpets/Area Rugs
These can be placed in a corridor, or cut down to size to occupy the center of a room as an area rug. To get rid of the unsightly edges, snip the excess threading to give it a clean finish, and stitch the ends using heavy fabric like velvet, woven fabric strips, or old heavy drapery, to even them out. It'll give it perfect edges, turning it into something you bought from a store.
Floor Mats
For a welcome mat, sew the word 'Welcome' on the front of the carpet, cut it down to size in a rectangular or circular shape, before neatly stitching the edges, using thick fabric as previously suggested. Using the same idea, place the mat in front of the bathroom, instead, to avoid wet feet from leaving a trail of water across a room.
Wall Art
I'm sure you've seen images of homes with oriental carpets propped up on a wall; while yours may look a tad plain or not appropriate for mounting, you can always sew intricate work into the carpet's fabric, like a DIY project of sorts. Even fabric paint will do the trick to turn the carpet remnant into a working art form that is worthy enough to go up on a wall, or framed before it is mounted.
Furniture Makeover
If you have enough carpet remnants to use on furniture, get rid of old fabric that is tacked to dining table chairs, and use the leftover carpet as a refurbishing element, instead. While it may not be enough to use (go ahead if it is, by replacing the backrest and seat) on four or six chairs, you can use it for a single piece of furniture like a carpet foot stool, that you can glue and nail the fabric to.
Welcome mat
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