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Non-toxic Cat Repellent Ideas

Bidisha Mukherjee Nov 30, 2018
People look for a homemade cat repellent because it is not harmful to the cats and is also environment friendly. Browse through the following lines to gather more information on various types of natural cat repellents.
Sometimes, cats really create a lot of nuisance, both indoors as well as outdoors. They enter all those areas where they are unwanted. When they are inside the house, they try to climb up the kitchen counter, tables, and other furniture.
They can cause damage to the houseplants by digging up the soil. They also tend to mess up the flower beds of the garden by using them as a litter box. They often scratch the car by jumping up and down. Cat waste is not good for human beings.
In pregnant women, it can cause toxoplasmosis, that can lead to birth defects in the newborn baby. For all these reasons, you want to keep them away from certain areas in your home. The most inexpensive way of doing this is by using a home remedy.

Homemade Cat Repellents

The cats that are bothering you could be your own pet or your neighbor's pet, or it could be those which roam around in the neighborhood. No matter where they come from, you surely do not want to cause any harm to them. Here are some home remedies that can help keep the cats away.

Cold Water

Always keep a squirt bottle filled with cold water ready with you. 
As soon as you see the cat trying to reach out to the counter or table, spray some water on its body, and it will run away immediately. The cat will hate this treatment. After a few rounds of drenching, it will stop going to that area anymore.

Aluminum Foil

This is an excellent indoor cat repellent for flat surfaces. Take a few pieces of aluminum foil and set them around the edges and corners of the tabletops and kitchen counter in a line. If required, you can cover up the entire surface with aluminum sheets.
The reason why cats will dislike the aluminum foil is that, it has an uneven surface. Cats avoid all such things that give a crinkly feel to their paws.

Loud Noise

Cats get frightened with sudden loud noises. You can take advantage of this to scare them away. To create this kind of noise, put some small pebbles in an empty can and place the lid tightly onto it. 
You can use some coins to get the similar kind of effect. Every time you watch them moving towards a prohibited area, shake the can a number of times and you will find that they will flee in no time.

Citrus Odors

The smell of any kind of citrus fruit like an orange, lemon, etc., is an effective cat repellent. There are some commercial products with citrus odors, but they are very expensive.
So you can spread some orange or lemon peels all over the flower beds in your garden. The biggest advantage of this remedy is that, as it is a naturally occurring substance, it is not going to cause any harm to the soil or the plants. You have to add fresh peels to the soil after regular intervals of time.

White Vinegar

The pungent smell of white vinegar is another thing that cats detest like anything. This can be used to protect the houseplants from your pet. Spray a generous amount of white vinegar around the flower pot, and the kitty will stop visiting those areas.
Every home remedy that we have discussed is non-toxic. Never use cayenne pepper as a cat repellent. It may not cause any harm to humans or plants, but it causes a lot of irritation to the mucous membranes of the cats. The main aim of use of all these repellents is to stop the unwanted cat, without giving any kind of pain to the innocent animal.