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A Layman's Guide on How to Accomplish Caulking Windows Easily

Torque Earnest Jun 22, 2019
While caulking windows, make sure you start from inside and then do the outside. Follow the tips given here to help you with the task.
Caulking windows is one of the essential things that builders have to do to make your home water and dust proof. A caulk is a seal that helps make the doors and windows watertight.
Poorly sealed windows and doors can cause damage to the wood and walls because of humidity, possible water leakage, and excess moisture. Poor sealing is also responsible for inefficient heating inside a home.
So, the first basic step is to inspect the window panes in the area where the glass slides along. More often than not, gaps and crevices are noticed in between the channels and the concrete where the window is installed.
So once you have spotted a crack or crevice, you can start to seal it. Things you will require are a moist cloth, sandpaper, utility knife or a scraper, rubber gloves, caulking gun (optional) and caulk (sealant).

Selecting the Caulk

Depending on your budget, you can opt for different types of caulks available in the market. Remember to invest in a sealant that is oil-free. Among the costliest of caulks are the silicone ones.
The only thing you have got to be careful about while doing this procedure is to avoid skin contact with the caulk. Wearing rubber gloves while doing the procedure is recommended.
Please make sure you have looked through the variety of caulks available (tape, paste, etc.) and use the one that is best suited for your windows. Caulking, if done neatly, can be almost invisible. So, for the same, you need to buy a caulk that matches the color of your window.


Preparing the place before the procedure is very important as the efficiency depends on the same. Clean the area so that there is no dirt and grime. Follow this by removing the dried old caulk with the help of a scraper or utility knife.
The dried caulk is not very hard to remove. If it has become very hard, you need to use a heating gun or some softener before attempting to remove it.
It is better to caulk the windows from the inside first as it gives you a chance to fill the outside gaps more appropriately. You can spread the caulk using your finger, straight along the window panes.
First, you need to squeeze out proper quantity of the sealant (sufficient for filling the gap) and then quickly run your finger over the crack along the length, smoothening it without stopping. In case some excess caulk is spread out of alignment, immediately wipe it off with a moist cloth.
Caulking from the outside is easy, but it is recommended to use a caulking gun for the purpose as it gives a perfect finish. Start applying the caulk from the bottom and work your way up. Let it dry properly.
Normally, a good caulk lasts for around five years, but keep a tab on the wear and tear to maintain your home well.