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Cedar Roof Repair

Bidisha Mukherjee May 12, 2019
Cedar roof repair work involves fixing different types of roofing problems. Here, we've discussed various techniques that can be used to repair a cedar roof, that will eliminate the problems it is currently facing.
Having a cedar roof is a popular choice for many homeowners. This is mainly because of its aesthetic appeal. It is a classic beauty all on its own, and is at the same time a durable material.
Conventionally, this roofing consist of shingles and shakes―cedar shakes are precut roofing patches that look very similar to tiles, and are arranged sideways on the surface of a roof. When these components suffer some damage, that's when they need to be repaired.

How to Repair Cedar Roof

Three main problems that homeowners face with cedar roofing―moss growth on cedar shingles, curling of cedar shingles and other damages that even shakes experience. Equip yourself with tools and materials like a sturdy ladder that can reach the top of the roof, pry bar, hammer, nails, metal brush and metal stripping before you start restoring a cedar roof.

Problem 1

Moss growth on cedar shingles can cause extensive damage to the roof and reduce its lifespan. This problem turns severe when roof cleaning is not done regularly.
Moss tends to retain a lot of moisture which seeps into the roof, causing a roof leakage in the long run. As a result, ugly damp patches appear on the inner walls. Therefore, an important aspect of cedar roof repair is moss removal. For this, you have to scrub the moss thoroughly with a metal brush or scraper.
This should be followed by installing copper or zinc metal strips on the scraped area. These strips should then be secured to the roofing shingles with the help of nails. These strips trigger certain chemical reactions on the surface of the roof, preventing a moss infestation in the future.
However, you do not have to install these strips if the cedar roof consists of treated shingles; these are pre-treated with a specific solution that inhibits the growth of moss.

Problem 2

The most common damage experienced by cedar shakes, is when the borders tend to slightly curl upwards. This is a minor problem, where you won't have to replace this with a new one.
Take a pry bar and exert some pressure to loosen up the damaged shake. Then remove the nails attached to the damaged shake and pry it from the roof surface. Take a hammer and slam the borders to reshape it into its original form; place it back into its position. But, if you find that it has curved beyond repair, then you need to replace it with a new one.

Problem 3

The task of replacing a severely damaged cedar shake is slightly more difficult. For this, you will require new cedar shakes which can be purchased from a hardware supply store. Remove the damaged cedar shake by following the same technique as discussed in the previous section.
Now, you have to slide a new cedar shake carefully on the same spot from where the damaged shake has been removed. Care should be taken not to disturb any other shakes around it. Affix the new shake with the underlying shingles, using nails. Drive the first nail into the top of the shake using a wooden block, then use fix another nail from the bottom.
This nailing should be done with great caution. Make sure you do not hit any of the nearby shakes or use too much force while hitting the nail. While repairing a cedar roof, never hit a shingle with hammer. It can cause the wood to split, which in turn will damage the roof permanently.
After the completion of the cedar roof repair, spray a generous amount of fungicide and roofing preservative solution on its entire surface; this protects it from getting repeatedly damaged. If you feel that this home improvement project of restoration is a tough job for you, then do not hesitate to hire a professional for this purpose.