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Ceramic Stove Top Replacement Instructions

Christie J. Nov 7, 2018
Replacing a ceramic stove top is a moderately easy task when you know what to do. Here are some simple steps for that.
Ceramic stove tops, especially the ceramic flat stove tops, look good in any kitchen. Despite the fact that there is a fair amount of scrubbing and brushing that needs to be done, many of those who have it, love their stove tops. But one of the things that you need to really protect a stove top, is from cracks.
As it is told so often, it is unsafe to use a cracked ceramic stove top, and unfortunately the only solution for a broken stove top is its complete replacement. Another instance when you will have to replace a stove top is - if it has become discolored (mostly in case of black stove tops), developed too many scratches to ignore or you simply fancy a new one.
If the stove top that needs to be replaced is new or recently purchased, see if it is covered under warranty and if it is, you are spared of any expenditure. Sometimes, as in case of GE, you can claim a replacement under warranty only when you pay a flat rate for their technician to work on it.
If your stove top is not under warranty, check for the right model using the model number either given on the Owner's Manual or written under the ceramic stove top itself. Compare prices on the Internet and place your order with the manufacturer or an authorized dealer. Once it arrives, follow some basic steps.

Step 1

Turn off the electric supply to the stove top.

Step 2

Unscrew the holdings and nuts under the stove top.

Step 3

Detach the wiring carefully.

Step 4

Carefully lift the stove top and put it aside.

Step 5

Spread a thick towel on a counter and place the new ceramic stove top on it, with the downside up.

Step 6

Put the nuts and clamps given with the ceramic stove top in their proper places. Doing it before putting it in place will be easier than doing it later.

Step 7

Now carefully lift the stove top, put it in place and tighten the nuts and clamps.

Step 8

Remove the junction box or any other wrapping on the new top.

Step 9

Attach the wires to their corresponding ones in the conduit, starting with black, then red and lastly the green one. Color codes of wires differ in each company. Verify the color code of your ceramic cook top wires from the owner's manual.

Step 10

Wipe the stove top with a damp cloth and then clean it thoroughly using Cerama Bryte. This will make cleaning your stove top easier later on.

Step 11

Turn on the electric supply.

Additional tips

  • Make use of rough rubber gloves while handling the stove top. It will give a better grip and make it easier to lift.
  • You might first want to clean the ceramic stove top before lifting it, to avoid debris falling on you.
  • Do not tighten the clamps or nuts of the new top too much - it might crack.
  • To dispose the old ceramic top, wrap it in an old bed spread or towel, put it in a large disposal bag and tap it lightly with a hammer to break it into small pieces (but not dust).
  • In case the ceramic stove top does not work after replacement, recheck the wiring.
  • Recheck the wiring if the stove does not heat after replacement.
Stove top replacement is not as complicated as it is made out to be. If all steps are followed correctly, it shouldn't take more than 15 to 20 minutes to replace a stove top.