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Clean Your Trash Chutes & Avoid Mold & Infestations

Matt Thompson Nov 13, 2019
Trash chutes are a convenient way for people in apartment complexes to dispose of their trash. Simply carry that garbage bag to the chute opening on your floor and send it away. While there are companies that remove the trash from the trash chutes compactors and take it away they don't clean the chutes itself.
A dirty trash chute has a lower life span than one is cleaned regularly since leaking liquids and other debris can erode the chute causing holes and breakage. Dirty trash chutes also can result in significant health risks to the inhabitants of the apartment complex. So, knowing about some of the risks a dirty trash chute poses is always good.

Potential For Grease Fires

Grease can leak out of small rips and tears from garbage bags onto the sides of the chute as the bag travels down to the compactor. Over time grease from hundreds of garbage bags build up on the sides of the chutes and it takes only a little overheating and fire can erupt. Putting everyone in the apartment complex at risk.

Decrease Air Quality

While a dirty trash chute provides unpleasant odors that can make your entire apartment building smell foul. Those odors are also a sign of bacteria growth which can produce pathogens that can enter the respiratory system of anyone breathing the air in the apartment building.
It can cause real respiratory problems for people who are suffering from allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions. The problems can get so bad that these individuals may end up hospitalized.

Pest Infestation

The odors and bits of food stuck to the chute can attract all types of pests from bugs and vermin to mice and even rats. Many of these pests carry diseases of their own that can end up making individuals in the apartment complex sick sometimes from life-threatening injuries. This can result in high medical bills that some residents may not be able to afford.

Mold and Mildew Growth

The damp dark inside of trash chutes provides the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow and mold can cause a number of health risks. Proper upkeep of your chutes will help you avoid having to deal with a mold remediation expert which can be a lot more costly than a simple annual cleaning.
These health risks can run the gambit from allergic reactions such as skin rashes and hives, sneezes, runny noses, and watery eyes. It can also affect your respiratory system causing shortness of breath. Mold can also lead to depression and chronic fatigue and in the worst cases death.

Professional Trash Chute Cleaning

Hiring a professional EPA certified trash chute cleaning company to clean your chute once or twice a year can eliminate bacteria and odors and help keep your renters safe and healthy.
A professional chute cleaning company will use powerful power washers to clean and then rinse the inside of the chute to remove any dirt, food particles and bacteria clinging to the inside of the chute. Then will go floor by floor and clean and sanitize the chute doors, the hopper and then compactor and/or trash room.
Most profession trash chute cleaning companies are reasonably priced, which is a small price to pay to keep the people in your apartment complex safe.