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Cleaning Bathroom Grout

Cleaning Bathroom Grout

Cleaning bathroom grout and mildew buildup can be a unsightly cleaning job. See how you can prevent and eliminate grout from your bathroom with some simple cleaning supplies...
HomeQuicks Staff
Once you are out of the shower and getting ready for the day, you don't wish to go back inside and clean the bathroom walls again. Soap scum and mildew stains can turn shiny bathroom walls looking dull, dirty, and/or worn out. As a weekly house cleaning chore, you push yourself into cleaning grout and mildew from every crevices possible. To make the walls and bathtub looking like new, you end up tiring yourself and pretty much hate the process. However, getting a clean, sparkling bathroom is not an impossible thing to do. Getting rid of grout can be made easy with some at-home cleaning products. The following steps will provide the ideal tips to brighten grungy grout.

Step by Step Procedure

As baking soda is considered to be an effective cleaner, here's a technique you can include in your cleaning method. Since this is a safe recipe, you can use it in the bathtub, shower, and kitchen as well.

Materials Needed
  • Sponge
  • Baking Soda
  • Water
  • Use toothbrush
  • Rubber gloves
  • Face mask
Step #1: Before we begin, keep the doors and windows of the bathroom open for good ventilation. If you have an exhaust fan in the bathroom, keep it on as well and slide open the shower curtain. This will dry the bathroom really fast and keep the air circulating.

Step #2: First of all, take the sponge to clean all the grout covered area. You can also follow this step as a regular method to lessen the chances of grout formation. The ingredients used are non-toxic, gentle chemicals/detergents and effective. But to be on the safe side, keep the bathroom as much ventilated as possible. Wear the rubber gloves and face mask as well.

Step #3: Turn the lights on in the bathroom and clean the shower area together with the bathtub properly. Don't forget to include the shower curtain also, as the grout and mold can occur there as well. The curtain specially gets a repelling scent if not cleaned properly or at all. In a small bowl, mix baking soda and water to make a thick paste.

Step #4: Take an old, used toothbrush and dip it in the paste. Apply the mixture directly on the grout. Spread generous amounts of the paste and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Later, scrub the grout covered surfaces with the toothbrush for an effective stain removal. Keep your movements constant, as in, move the brush back and forth. This will lift the grout and mildew when you put some pressure on the area.

Step #5: Rinse the area with lukewarm water leaving your bathroom walls and tub looking clean. You can also clean the shower curtain with a sponge with the same baking soda paste. Just make sure to rinse everything properly.

Essential Cleaning Tips to Follow

Now that we've seen how exactly you should go about cleaning your bathrooms properly, we still have to discuss important points on what your regular cleaning procedures have to be. Below you will see these tips and how they can be implemented.
  • For a quick preventive measure, purchase a bleach pen to clean small grout spots.
  • Once you have finished the job, apply the grout sealer to prevent further harsh stains. You can apply the sealer once every year or as often as needed.
  • To check if the sealer is working, spray couple of drops of water on it. The water should form a bead-like droplet on the grout; this means you don't need a fresh coat.
  • After you apply the grout sealer, make sure you regularly clean the grout and tiles. This method will prevent you from using harsh chemicals to remove the stains.
  • For a thorough grout cleaning method, use plastic bristles, old toothbrushes, nylon scrubbers, and soft bristle nail brush.
As a best preventive method for cleaning grout, you need to clean the soap scum on a regular basis, so that there are no grout build-up found. After you are finished with shower, clean the bathroom walls, shower curtains, the tub with hot water. The steps mentioned above will definitely make the bathroom cleaning process a lot easier.