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Cleaning Linoleum Stains

Easy Methods for Cleaning Fresh and Stubborn Stains on Linoleum

Linoleum floors are made from natural materials, including powdered linseed oil. Although they are very easy to clean and maintain, they can be very prone to getting stained. Read this HomeQuicks article for remedies.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
The main reason linoleum floors get stained easily this is that the linseed oil starts getting oxidized and loses its color if the floors do not receive sunlight. Since this type of flooring is most of the time covered with carpets, mats or rugs, the process of the floor changing its color or getting stained increases considerably. If you are looking for some easy remedies for cleaning linoleum, then here are a few effective ways of doing that.
Fresh Stains
For cleaning stains which are relatively new, you can start by vacuuming the floor to get rid of dirt particles. Once you have done that, take any of the linoleum floor cleaners available in the market and put the required amount in a bucket of water. Now take a clean cloth or a duster, soak the cloth in the bucket and gently wipe the floor with it. Repeat the process till the stains are completely removed. If you feel that the liquid in the bucket is getting dirty, you can throw it away and prepare the mixture again.
Stubborn Stains
For cleaning stubborn stains, you can start same way by vacuuming the floor with a vacuum cleaner. After that, take a commercial wax stripper, which is available at most of the hardware stores, and get rid of all specks of wax from the floor. Once the wax has been completely removed, take two cups each of water and white vinegar and mix them together.
Now, carefully pour a small amount of this mixture on the stained portion of the floor, and using a damp cloth, clean the floor gently. When the stains are removed and the floor is dry, you may wax it again. This step should be followed by polishing in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer.
Care should be taken that the linoleum cleaner that you opt for should be manufactured by a reputed company. Also, usage of water for cleaning the floor might cause damage to it. In order to avoid that, dry the floor immediately once you are finished cleaning. An easier way is to polish the floor at regular intervals so that dirt, dust, and grime are unable to accumulate on it. This will automatically prevent the occurrence of stains.