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Cleaning Oven Door Glass

Priya Johnson Feb 15, 2019
Cleaning the glass of an oven door glass is an inevitable task. A buildup of oil and grease on the glass door makes it difficult to see the food cooking inside. Let's take a look at how we can clean the glass with minimal effort.
Leaving the oven door stained and soiled is not such a good idea. The grease and oil arising from the roasting pan soil the entire oven, including the glass door. If left as it is, the grease film continues to thicken, making it difficult to view the food cooking inside.
Besides the unhygienic conditions developing in the kitchen, the sullied look often puts off those entering your kitchen. Their appetite is sure to plummet! Although cleaning the oven door can be a bothersome task to carry out on the weekend, it's inevitable. The cleaning process isn't as cumbersome as it looks.

Removing the Oven Door

To remove the oven door, the first step is to ensure that the gas and other power supplies are turned off. Open the door to its maximum open position. By holding the oven door firmly, push it slightly upwards. You will hear a click, which means the hinges are beginning to give way, and they are coming loose from the oven base.
If the hinges do not come out of their socket, you could use a screwdriver to unscrew them. The self-cleaning ovens available these days have hinges that can be unscrewed. Carefully lift the oven door out and place it on a large sheet of cloth lined on the floor.

Cleaning Process

It is not mandatory to remove the glass door, however, removing it makes cleaning easier. You may or may not choose to remove it depending on your personal preference. Nevertheless, the next step of cleaning is what holds prime importance.

Step 1: Appropriate Gear

Before beginning the cleaning process, make sure you have the right gear on. Even if you are not using commercial cleaning products, it is a must to wear rubber gloves and a full-sleeved shirt.

Step 2: Ventilation

The next step is also common to all cleaning procedures. It's about good ventilation. The fumes from cleaning products can be noxious, which is why it is important to keep the area ventilated. Open the windows of the kitchen and switch on the exhaust fan.

Step 3: Cleaning Solution

You could either buy a commercial oven cleaning spray or you can prepare your own cleaning solution. Take some baking soda in a bowl and add some white vinegar to make a cleansing paste.

Step 4: Cleaning

Using a dry cloth, dust the oven off any loose dirt and debris. Next, using a clean sponge apply the cleaning solution of your choice or the spray onto the glass door. Oven cleaning spray is not abrasive and seems to satisfy many people.
Never spray the cleaner directly on the glass, as it can damage the glass door. Always spray it onto the cloth first and then rub it on. Allow the baking soda paste to sit on the glass for ten minutes. Then wipe it off with a soft cloth.

Step 5: Soap Water Cleanse

Add some dish-washing liquid to some tepid water, and dab this solution onto the glass with a sponge. For tougher stains use steel wool to scrub. Next, use a clean cloth to wipe off the solution. Use another cloth dipped in clean water to rinse off all the soap. Clean all the corners dry. The glass door will be shiny clean. Screw the door back on.
Cleaning the door glass becomes easier if you do it after every bake. This prevents a buildup of oil and grease, and makes cleaning easier. The older the stains, the more difficult they are to get rid of, and the more elbow grease required. Nevertheless, it's never too late to begin cleaning your oven door.