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Cleaning Wood Furniture

Cleaning Wood Furniture

To ensure its longevity and that it stays in the best condition possible, wood furniture must be cleaned regularly. However, you should know the right way to do that, because if you go wrong somewhere, the furniture might get spoiled. This article is a compilation of some methods that you can use for cleaning different types of wood furniture.
HomeQuicks Staff
When we clean our house, we often avoid cleaning furniture made of wood as it does not appear dirty because of the polish and oils on its surface. Though, the fact is that they are equally dirty and grimy as any other household item. Cleaning it is a bit tricky because any wrong technique can damage the piece of furniture permanently.

Before you start, you should be aware of the type of finish on the wood, since that would decide the type of cleaning agent to be used. Basically, there are three types of wood finishes. One is the oil finish which is soft in touch, then there is polished wood which is finished with wax, varnish, etc. The last one is the painted wood furniture.

For cleaning any kind of wood furniture regularly, use a dry soft cotton cloth to wipe of the dust from the surface. Painted wood furniture can be vacuumed clean with the help of a brush attachment.

To clean oiled wood furniture, you have to prepare a special cleaner. Take equal quantities of turpentine and boiled linseed oil and mix them up thoroughly. Pour some of this mixture onto a piece of cloth and rub the surface of the furniture with it. As a result, the oil will get into the pores of the wood and the shine will be restored. This should be done a few times every year.

To clean your polished wood furniture, you have to use liquid furniture polish or paste wax. If you choose the former cleaning agent for this purpose, then you should know that it has to be applied quite frequently as its effect does not last for a long time. Paste wax is not very easy to apply, but if there are any scratches on the surface, it fills them up very well. There is aerosol polish found in the market which can be applied to clean polished wood, but the silicone content often makes the surface of the wood slippery. So, in future, if you wish to refinish the surface, it may be quite a difficult task.

Having antique furniture is like owning precious possessions. Therefore, you should take very good care of it. For getting rid of the regular dust, vacuum them with a vacuum cleaner or simply wipe off with a clean, soft cloth. You may use a solvent-based cleaning wax to clean it thoroughly. Rubbing paste wax is also a good idea as they cover up small cracks of the furniture. After application of the wax, you should buff it well with a rag till the wax coating becomes hard.

Cleaning Stains

Like any other furniture piece or decorative item of the house, wood furniture may also get subjected to different types of stains. Light cigarette burns often leave ugly dark marks on the wood which can be removed by rubbing it with linseed oil. White patch marks are quite common on wood furniture which can be taken out with the help of a mixture of cigarette ash and lime juice or salad oil. Dip a clean piece of cloth into the prepared mixture and rub it over the stain, you will find that the stain has disappeared. To get rid of watermarks and rings off wooden furniture with a wax finish, you can mix up white toothpaste and salad oil and apply it over the stains. Wipe it off with a dry cloth. After every stain removal, you must apply proper wood finish that is suitable for that particular make of furniture.

In case you are trying out a new cleaning product, you should read the instruction label carefully to confirm that it is fit for the finish on your furniture. You should also test its suitability by applying it on a small portion or some hidden corner of the furniture. If you find that it is suitable, only then use it over the rest of the furniture to avoid bulk damage.
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