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Climate Controlled Self Storage

Climate Controlled Self Storage
A climate controlled self storage is ideal for securely storing items which are affected by frequent temperature change. Starting from stamps, furniture, to cars and even more, everything can be secured against temperature extremes. This article includes important information regarding these storage facilities.
Rajib Singha
Climate controlled self storage, as the name suggests, provide a temperature controlled environment to store items, while protecting them from wind, dust, rainfall, snow, mold, mildew, warping, and frequent climate change. The temperature inside is maintained at 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit. They also prevent infestation by mice, termites, etc. Being a self storage unit, you would be its sole owner, responsible for packing and unpacking things, with access to the unit at any point of time. The storage units vary in size, depending on the items which are to be stored.
The mini-sized units are suitable for storing important tax files, paper documents, books, and old magazines. Clothing, furs, and fine linens can also be kept in these storage units. Valuable collections of stamps and baseball cards, albums, antiques, gifts, showpieces, medical products, are amongst the other things which can be safeguarded in these units. Among the less common items that can be stored in these units are music records, audio-video tapes, legal records, and other business items. Food items can also be stored here, as these units are designed to prevent the conditions favorable to invasion by pests and rodents.
The medium-sized units fit the bill for storing equipment like, computers, computer parts, electrical goods, furniture made from wood or leather, expensive art such as oil paintings, artifacts, and different tools or machines. Audio and video equipment like stereo systems, and televisions or radios, can also be protected from the adverse effects of changing climate by storing them in these units. Music lovers can protect their musical instruments made from wood such as guitars, pianos, violins, etc. by keeping them in a climate controlled environment.
Large Sized
Items like construction supplies, large metallic goods, cars, bikes, and other vehicles, which are vulnerable to rusting, can be stored in these extra-large climate controlled storage units. Refrigerators, large mattresses or carpets, and even boats can be kept safe in these units.
Deciding on the location of the units is an important factor if you are going to use the stored items frequently. The need for a tool or a bike or even a piece of furniture may arise at certain times. So, if the unit is located within a stone's throw of your house, then it meets the purpose of storing the items, and at the same time allowing you access to them when they are required immediately. The location should be such that it saves your time, and storing and retrieving the items from the unit fits into your daily schedule.
Getting your self storage unit insured is also a wise thing to do. It is just like getting your car, house, or restaurant covered under an insurance scheme. The insurance can be purchased from any insurance company or even from the storage company. The amount of the cover will depend upon the number and value of the items being insured.
Storage units that have the facility of climate-control are comparatively costlier than the standard ones. But when it comes to your valuable and priceless belongings, money may not be a deciding factor. Unlike others, who just do away with their hoarded or piled-up possessions and regard them as 'junk' or 'garbage', you can still keep your assets close to you - unharmed, safe, and with their old charm close to your heart!
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