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Clothes Dryer Repair

Fatima Rangwala Jun 18, 2019
Why has this question arisen about the clothes dryer repair? What exactly has happened to your machine? Has it stopped working? Is it not drying clothes, or is it making too much of a rumbling sound? Phew! Too many questions and just the right place to get them answered. Read on...
So, you finally squeeze out some time of your busy schedule to pile up all the dirty clothes and wash them. After washing them eventually, you put them in the dryer to dry them. But oh, wait...jeez... no... not happening?? God! Did your clothes dryer just get buggered and shows no further signs of working.
Should you give up or perhaps, contemplate on resolving the problem once and for all. Being one of the most essential home appliances, for you to deal with on regular basis, a clothes dryer repair could be the least you can do.

Clothes Dryer: Working Mechanism

The basic function is to remove moisture from wet clothes using heat, air and rotatory motion. But under the dryers category, its seen that electric dryers and gas dryers differ chiefly in the heat source.
Both these models make use of a motor to drive a belt. A clothes dryer is just a large drum enthralling hot air either from a gas heater present in the machine, or from an electric heating element. A motor with pulleys is present too, that is connected by a sequence of belts initiating the movement of the drums.
This movement of the drums, in other words, revolutions of the drums, determines the rate of drying. There are thermostats placed on the outside construction of the machine which are used to set the appropriate temperature of the dryer for drying the laundry. Dryers have timers which are mechanical as well as digital too.
Did you notice? The working mechanism is so simple and functional and reading about which, you will soon feel confident and convinced to conduct any repair on your own.

Clothes Dryer Problems

Now, before beginning with any repair work, you should carry out troubleshooting to know, what exactly is causing problems to your clothes dryer. Is it the rumbling noise that is coming from the machine when the clothes are put in for drying? Or is it the heating problem which gives out a foul, burning smell?
Other problems like, failure of electrical cord, timer motor and timer, malfunction of idler and drive belt, thermostats, these all can be possibilities. So there are not just two or three problems to consider, but there are one too many to mention. Thus by analyzing all of this properly, you can then decide the exact problem describing the failure.
However, the most common problem seen is, the inflation in the heat source. The clothes are unable to dry because the dryer is not heating sufficiently enough. Second most noticed problem is the dryer's vent. If the dryer has any kind of fabric or clothing clogged in it, the heating system fails to function properly.

Instructions to Repair a Clothes Dryer

  • Nut driver
  • Multimeter
  • Screwdrivers
  • Putty knife
  • Blocks of scrap wood
Dismantling of Clothes Dryer

Note: (Dismantling the dryer strictly depends on the model and manufacturer's make).
  • Turn off the dryer's electrical service panel first and start to unscrew the entire console at every end, side, bottom, front.
  • Once the console is removed, keep it safely at one side to proceed with the repair procedure.
  • Now it's time to remove the back control console panel. Using screwdriver, remove all the bolts and screws, that holds the control panels top and sides. By doing this you will be able to reach the different components (timer, temperature, start switch, etc, etc).
  • Now, remove the front panel (lower). Just pull it out with both your hands. Remove all the springs too.
  • If your dryer has a top-mounted lint screen, remove it by reaching it through the drums. Use a putty knife's blade to push the springs fastener's out, which are present at the top, sides and front of the cabinet.
  • Next step is to remove the dryer's control panel. Unscrew all the screws that holds the cabinet's front and top. In addition, most of the knobs of the dryers are friction-fit in design, so you can pull them straight out.
With these simple steps, you may now proceed further to resolve or service the buggered parts. Drive belt and idler, heating element, motor, timer, can be any of one possibility behind the blow up of the machine. Test all the components using a multimeter. If anything needs a replacement, fetch help your nearest local hardware store.