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Home Remedies for Controlling Cockroaches

Marian K Mar 2, 2019
Here are some amazing remedies for controlling cockroach infestations at home.
Cockroaches are supposed to be notoriously hard to kill, and an infestation can often cause a home owner to become desperate enough to move. Even for those who don't get goose bumps at the mere sight of them, the possibility of them being carriers of virus and bacteria is scary.
For those who don't want to use dangerous pesticides and poisons inside their houses while attempting to rid themselves of the problem, the search for effective control remedies is a constant one.
Parents often fear the effects of strong chemicals that can take place on small children and pets, as they are known to trigger asthmatic attacks and allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. To help you get rid of these unwanted six legged guests, here are some remedies.

Boric Acid

This compound is a derivative of the element boron, and is a mineral-based inorganic pesticide. It is the most commonly used home remedy, and is said to be very effective. It is comparatively nontoxic to people and pets.
However, one should always be cautious not to inhale it. It functions as a stomach poison, which interferes with the insect's metabolism. In addition, this acid also abrades the exoskeleton, and assists to desiccate the insects.
If you are wondering where to get it, there are plenty of products in the market, including dusts, baits, and pastes. The roaches gather the acid dust, and consequently ingest it while grooming themselves. If you use a bait, make sure that it is in conjunction with other methods of control.
Home remedies also include a concoction of equal parts of flour, sugar, and boric acid, which is combined with milk to make a paste. If you choose to use boric acid powder, ensure that it is not utilized in places, where it may fall into food or around kitchen areas. Be careful that children and pets do not eat any homemade boric acid baits.

Natural Methods

1. A method that can prove to be highly effective is to spread some catnip in areas, which are frequented by roaches, such as in the kitchen, around drains, and dustbins.
2. Make a solution of soap and water, and whenever you see a roach, treat it to a good spray with the solution. As the insects breathe through their skin, the thin soap film that will form over them will block their pores, and hopefully suffocate them to death.
Cockroach control in apartments poses another kind of problem. While you may be able to get rid of them in your house, how do you prevent them from trooping into your neighbor's apartment.
The best method is to keep your home spotlessly clean. House cleaning on a regular basis is extremely important.
However, if all your attempts fail, contact the pest control professionals. While it might cost a bit, you will have assured results. They are equipped to solve the problem without exposing your family to any kind of harm.