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Commercial Refrigerator Buying Tips and Applications

Poushali Ganguly Oct 27, 2018
Know more about commercial refrigerators, it's applications and buying tips.
A friend of mine who was working in a star hotel used to tell me about the whole rush of preparing banquets and the cuisine demands of the client, which are most of the time impossible to get and how they still made sure of everything and got all the necessary ingredients and stock them in their "big" refrigerators to avoid the last minute perspiration.
He also said that the commercial refrigerators in a restaurant or hotel seemed like the giant who was like a savior and could save them from all the hassles. The physical description was also such that these machines actually were as big as walk in closets. When we opt to buy one, we realise that he said was actually true and not just flights of imagination.
Commercial refrigerators are used in restaurants and hotels where the storage space has to be more and there are big hotels where they can afford to have a walk-in freezer but then due to the growing scarcity of place that is not what every commercial organization can look forward to.
Therefore the ideal features should be such that it is easy for the kitchen staff to work in restricted space with so many of them around and get the things that they need always without much fumbling and stumbling. These refrigerators have to be very energy efficient as well, though to freeze such a lot of stuff does require a lot of power.
So when buying one you just cannot afford to make any mistakes. The whole process has to be well analyzed and contemplated. You might not be able to resist the temptation of buying a second hand refrigerator since that gives a great deal in terms of price but then after a couple of repairs the price comes to one and the same.
If you plan a little you can save yourself from all these hassles. Check the cabinet, the condenser and the evaporator so that you can make sure of the basic functioning mechanisms of the refrigerator.

General Buying Tips

▶ Technology: Commercial refrigerators are designed in such a way so that the temperature of the interior cabinet can be maintained between 36 and 40 degree Fahrenheit while the temperature of the freezer can be maintained between -2oF - 2oF. The size of the unit can range from a small under counter to a refrigerator that is like a large roll-through unit.
Large refrigerators are usually segmented into various compartments within. There are dual temperature products like the refrigerator and the freezer compartments but unlike residential refrigerators these have separate compressors, condensers and evaporators for the refrigerator and the freezer units.
If you are considering small dual temp refrigerators, you can get additional savings by purchasing residential refrigerators but before doing that check with your local building code or health department to see if residential refrigerators can be used in commercial applications.
Ice cream freezers, which are also known as low temperature freezers, maintain interior cabinet temperatures at -5oF or even less.
▶ Size and Maintenance is also to be kept in mind, especially maintenance since the maintenance can be one of the aching problems that you might face. Do select a refrigerator that is just the appropriate one for the intended use. If you get an over sized refrigerator it will only increase the initial cost and lead to excessive expense due to energy losses.
To save energy, maintain the interior temperature at the proper setting used for storing food products. Most commercial refrigerators are available; in fact they are manufactured with an externally mounted, digital thermometer, which makes the checking of internal temperature easy.
▶ Cabinet check is also very important when buying a commercial refrigerator. You can start by checking out the cabinet. If it appears good, you can check out the whole refrigerator. If it looks old and worn out, you can always find another unit but even if the cabinet looks good you have to take care of a few things.
Check if the lights turn off when the doors are closed. Also check the gaskets if they split, pull loose or dry out. There might be cracks in the walls and doors inside the unit, even repaired ones, so be careful and look for tiny details since all of these things can lead to excessive running time, evaporator icing and eventual compressor failure.
▶ Check the evaporator and the condenser as well since a bad evaporator can lead to compressor failure. In case of the condenser just check if the condenser fins are greasy as grease acts as an insulator and causes the compressor to get overheated and overworked.
These are the few steps that you should follow before investing a bomb in a commercial refrigerator. Be sure to check all the basic parts and you will not go wrong.