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Common Six Legged Bugs

What to know about the common critters you find in your home and in your yard.
Mikkie Mills Nov 06, 2019
When you encounter pests in your house or yard, it is important to identify what they are, and know how to get rid of them before they become a major issue. Here are some of the prevalent bugs bound to be lurking in your home.


Similar to cockroach in size and stature, beetles are different in their physical size and appearance. They are incredibly diverse, and there are thousands of undiscovered species. Because of their hard, shell-like exoskeleton, they are able to live and thrive in almost any environment.
If you find beetles in your home, it is important to take away their access to food, and implement forms of pest control such as tapes, sprays, and traps. It is vital to determine what type of beetle you are dealing with, as this determines their diet. They can feast on anything from deck wood to rice.


Cockroaches are known for their flat, oval shape and long legs. They are usually half to one inch in length and vary in color. Different species of cockroaches inhabit a variety of terrains and climates. For example, the Brown Banded Cockroach is more partial to dry, arid, and hot climates, but cockroaches as a whole are incredibly adaptable.
One of the best measures to combat cockroaches in your residence is to make sure you are taking out your trash regularly and keeping an eye out on crevices, cracks, and places where leaks could attract them to a food or water source.


Known for their sometimes incessant chirping, crickets are one of the most prevalent creatures that can reside in your home. The specific type of cricket found indoors is called house cricket, and most likely evolved from Asia. Although household crickets are harmless, they can wreak havoc in large numbers.
You can easily capture them in a humane manner with a bait of molasses that can be left out for them to trap themselves in, or even glue traps. If the crickets are multiplying rapidly, there is a good chance they have laid eggs, so vacuum carpets and surfaces thoroughly and utilize bug spray.


There are different types of ants, and several breeds are akin to living indoors. Ants are most likely to invade your home during warm weather, when large numbers of them will congregate around viable food sources. They tend to target areas that are ripe with crumbs, so the kitchen is most likely where you will find them.
Be sure to keep your kitchen spotless, and pick up stray food scattered on the floor. Even with cleanliness, use extra reinforcements to plug up cracks and holes that ants could wiggle through to get to crumbs that they can bring back to their colony.


One of the most misunderstood six legged creature, earwigs are also commonly known as pincher bugs and are harmless. Earwigs are mostly known for establishing colonies in outdoor environments, so when spotted in your house, you have to make sure to cut off their access and kill or remove the remaining bugs from the premises.
Do thorough inspection of your home and ensure that all doors and windows are secure. Sprinkle preventive powder such as boric acid or diatomaceous earth around entrances, access points, and base boards so that earwigs will steer clear and find other places to colonize.
Although many insects that you encounter in your home appear to be similar, there are also many key differences that require a variety of treatment methods. With these tips, you are sure to be able to keep any pest infestations under control, and feel at peace with keeping your home completely and free of bugs.