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Concrete Floor Polishing

Steps for Polishing a Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are the latest trends in home interiors, as they give a unique and clean look. Find more on concrete floor polishing from the article mentioned below, so you can use them in your homes as well.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Nowadays, many people who like to have modern home interiors like to go for flooring options which provide color, durability and cost-effectiveness. One of these choices are concrete floors, as they are extremely easy to design and match any type of interiors. Whether you want a plain uniform look for your floor, tiled one or any other designs, you can think about concrete flooring. This is because concrete floors provide you with a vast variety or designs and patterns which none other flooring option could have.
However, no matter how much color or design you incorporate in these concrete floors, you have to polish them to give them the best effect. Concrete floor polishing is not a difficult task, and can be done on your own as well. If you don't want to spend much on hiring professionals to polish your floor, you can do it yourself by following the easy steps mentioned in the coming up paragraphs. Read on and find out!
Polishing Concrete Floors
Not only will you find the cost of this process reasonable and within your budget, the procedure is simple and can be done in a few simple steps. So why burn a hole through your pocket when you can polish the floors by yourself and use the polishing machines in the future as well? When you install concrete flooring, there are many designs and colors which are used to add the aesthetic look to it. But to protect the concrete floor painting and designs, they need to be polished and free from damage and fading. Therefore, with some easily available equipment and concrete floor polish, you are set to make your home look brilliant.
Polishing Equipment
  • Broom
  • Water with mop, detergent and bucket
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Concrete floor polish
  • Polishing pads
Directions for Polishing
  • To start with the process, you need to first clean the concrete surface. Concrete is a coarse and dusty material which generates grains very easily. You can do this by sweeping the floor well, and make sure there are minimum dust particles on the floor. Therefore, use a broom to first sweep the floor and then vacuum cleaner to clean it completely.
  • Once the floor is free of dust and dirt particles, mop the floor with some clean water that has very little amount of detergent. Mopping also removes certain unwanted stains on the floor and cleans it completely, so that when you polish the floor, it looks good as new. You can use a concrete floor cleaner for this purpose as well. After mopping the floor, wipe it dry or you can let it dry naturally, but make sure it is dry before you start polishing it.
  • The first part of polishing the concrete floor can start with using a coarse floor polishing pad which has a grit measuring 500. Polish it with the grit to remove stubborn stains on rough patches, which weren't removed with water. You can polish the floor in a circular manner, so that the pad or disk can function appropriately.
  • The next round of polishing can be done with the help of a fine grit polishing pad which is not very coarse. Using a fine grit usually helps in making the surface slightly more smooth and uniform so that there are no rough patches, stains or places where the surface is uneven. You can use an extra-fine grit for the third time of polishing, to get a glass like sheen.
  • After you are done using the grits for polishing the concrete floor, you can't leave the process at that, as there can be dust accumulation on the surface. Therefore, apply floor polish on the floor in a uniform manner. While applying the polish, do it in one direction, either horizontal or vertical but don't change the direction. The polish adds a beautiful shine to the floor making it look new and fresh.
With these simple steps on concrete floor polishing, I am sure you are ready to polish your concrete floors on your own! Concrete floors are definitely one of the newest and the best options if you want your home to look stylish and modern.