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A Brief Intro on the Quick and Inexpensive Convection Toaster Oven

Scholasticus K Jun 22, 2019
You may have heard of an oven or a toaster that is convective heated. A much improved gadget which combines the two is the convection toaster oven. Here is a brief description of the same.
An oven and a toaster are two very different appliances, with different uses. A toaster is basically used in order to grill the food, while an oven is used to bake and maintain the heat. The word convection describes the motion of heat through specific matter.
Most of us have an oven as well as a toaster at our place. In order to reduce the number of gadgets, manufactures of electronic kitchen appliances have come up with a combination of the two. The best aspect of such an appliance is that it overcomes all the drawbacks of the normal toaster and oven.

The Concept

Its construction is like any other oven, the only difference is that this appliance has an inbuilt set of fans that keeps a constant circulation of heat within the cooking chamber. This facility creates a set of convection currents within the oven, which ultimately results in an even density of heat throughout the chamber.
Due to this, the food gets cooked faster and leads to considerable energy conservation. The second merit of this mechanism is that it also results in the even distribution of cooking heat within the oven. The result is that the food that is cooked inside this appliance has even heating and tastes delicious.
If you compare it to a toaster, you will realize that a toaster has heat concentrated on certain specified points. Due to this, the food gets grilled in some small and specific areas and there is a strong chance that the other areas remain uncooked.
This convection-type gadget with rotisserie, on the other hand, cooks as well as grills the food more evenly, thus the food that is grilled does not get overcooked nor does it remain raw. You can cook anything from a grilled toast to an entire fish.
In a normal oven, the air is simply heated by the conduction coils. Thus, the cooking or baking vessel gets hotter than the food that is present inside. So, the portions that are closer to the vessel's surface get overcooked and the middle portions remain raw. This type of oven cooks the food more evenly and is very useful when you are making any meat dish.
There are several different variants that have been introduced in the convection toaster models. Most of them are shaped like normal ovens that are placed under the kitchen counter.
However, technology has enabled manufacturers to introduce smaller on-the-counter models and some very small models that are mounted on walls beneath other cabinets. These have lower electricity consumption compared to other ovens. One needs to remember that the cooking time in a convection heated toaster oven is different and shorter.