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Conventional Oven Vs. Toaster Oven

The debate about conventional oven vs. toaster oven, is a never ending one. Let us see which one wins the debate or are these two at par. Read on, the matter is heating up!
Medha Godbole Nov 18, 2018
Cooking is perhaps the perfect example of how science, technology and art can be merged into one.
You have that in-born talent of how to handle foodstuffs, you use them and cut them in a particular manner and then again technology comes to the fore in the final stage for the actual cooking. This is where ovens and grills and toasters come in the picture.
There are so many of them from which you can choose from today!
Microwave oven, toasters, grills, convection ovens and so on! All these cooking and heating systems serve the same purpose, though with a different mechanism. For instance, let us take conventional ovens and toaster/ convection ovens. The way these two cook the food is different. Take a look.

Comparing Conventional and Toaster Ovens

Here is a comparison of how these ovens work. Both these do the same thing, in a different way and through different sources of energy.


A conventional oven uses either a single or double heat source for creating heat inside the cooking area. The hot air is circulated inside the oven while cooking food. A thermostat controls heating elements which tell the heating system how much to heat the food with a specific temperature. Toaster convection ovens employ a fan for circulating heated air.


Toaster oven using convection cooks food quickly, focusing on cooking the outer areas faster than the inner portion of the food. That is because of the nature of air convection. But the cooking is even and steady. Conventional ovens too cook fast, but sometimes the cooking can be uneven.
Toaster oven is good when there are steady cooking conditions, especially for baking along with cooking meats and vegetables. That is what makes toaster convection ovens a good option in a restaurant.

Efficiency and Energy Consumption

It cannot be clearly said which one is more efficient when it comes to energy consumption. Although it is said that convection toaster ovens are more energy efficient.
The reason is that there are different models in each type and it can happen that one oven model in a category may have more energy consumption and usage than the other. It also depends on the source of energy, that is whether it is electric or gas. Hence, both conventional as well as toaster oven have some drawbacks and positives.


The cost depends upon the capacity and ongoing cost of the source of energy - be it gas or electricity. It also depends on your individual cooking needs and habits. Prices vary as per these conditions.
When it comes to the capacity, needless to say, toaster ovens are compact and smaller as compared to the conventional ones, which makes them easier to use.
That facilitates easy and fast cleaning and heating up or cooling down. While conventional ovens can be bigger and would not be easy to clean. But the capacity of both the ovens types even if the oven models seem smaller is pretty good. If you buy bigger oven, for instance microwave oven, obviously the capacity will increase.