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Cooling a Wine Cellar

Cooling a Wine Cellar

Learn some easy methods of cooling a wine cellar in this article so that you don't embarrass yourself seeing your lovely wine turn into vinegar!
Veethi Telang
Women and wine, get just better with age. No, consider me no feminist or chauvinist here, but aging is something that brings out the best in both. Drifting the woman in me aside, it's wine that I'm going to concentrate on today, truly understanding your plight of having a tough time dealing with your not-so-decent wine cellar. So, have you wasted a large number of wines just because your wine cellar failed to keep them cool? Just so you know, if you're putting money in buying a good wine cellar, you're putting money in fine wine, and of course, the results are 'fruitful', aren't they? If you didn't invest in a good wine cellar, you poured the worth of years and years of refinement down the drain. Such a waste.

The procedure of cooling your wine cellar is no rocket science, for you just need to take care of the cooling system which maintains the temperature as well as the humidity so as to maintain the perfect taste of your wine. Otherwise, be ready to feel disgusted to see all your beautiful bottles of wine turn into flasks of vinegar. You see, metal racking, wine chillers, corkscrews, openers, and wine markers are just some of the accessories you need to take care of, along with the cooling system of course, if you're too lazy to go out and buy a bottle of wine every time you want to drink wine. But hey, to save you from all the hard work, pay attention to the following words that dish out some efficient solutions for your query, so that you don't end up piling more and more wine bottles with nothing useful inside. Have a look.

Importance of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems
One of the worst things that wine can be exposed to is air. It is air that can convert wine into vinegar where the oxidation of the alcohol content in the wine increases the sourness of the liquid. Moreover, humidity plays an important part in breaking the seal of the bottle and allowing air into it. Well, that clearly explains the importance of installing a wine cellar cooling system with perfect control over temperature so that you don't end up losing your precious wine bottles. Wine cellar cooling systems help maintain the temperature of the wine cellar by regulating the humidity and coolness of the atmosphere around. To cool your wine cellar, you will have to maintain the optimum temperature of the cellar to approximately 55 degree Fahrenheit, as this is the ideal temperature to cool your wine cellar and to remove the unnecessary humidity as well. Installing the cooling system will help in the prevention of premature aging of all your wines, thus, giving away quality refinement.

Best Wine Cellar Cooling Systems
Whether you have a personal wine cellar at home, or a commercial wine cellar, the importance of wine cellar cooling units cannot be neglected. The wine cellar cooling units listed here are tried and tested, and meet the exact standards of keeping your vintage wines cool and tasteful. If you're serious about your wine cellar, you might want to have a sophisticated wine cellar cooling system that not only keeps your room cool, but automatically monitors the temperature and humidity, leaving just little for you in terms of maintenance. You may want to give a go to any of the following:
  • Breezaire Wine Cellar Cooling System
  • CellarCool CX Series
  • WhisperKool Cooling System
  • CellarPro Cooling System
  • Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Cooling System
Note that, there are many constraints to installing a wine cooling system for your cellar - the size, the power consumption, the price, and most importantly, the process of installation. While choosing a cellar cooling system, you need to pay heed to all aspects, so that you don't end up getting your investment wrong. Whether you're a wine connoisseur looking for something more efficient to keep your vintage wines cool, or whether you are a newbie to the world of wines, attempting to understand the way the process of cooling your wine cellar goes a long way. The most important thing to be kept in mind is to make sure that the temperature is such that the wines don't lose their taste, and humidity such that you don't end up growing tiny mushrooms all over the cork and the bottle.