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When and Where to Engage Your Quaint, Elegant Cordial Glasses

Rohini Mohan May 10, 2019
Your friend just bought a set of cordial glasses and you can't get your mind off them? Not only are they dainty, they are also quaint and elegant, which is why every good host must own a set.
No one can tell for sure, as to when and how these glasses came to be known as cordial glasses, though many believe it may have evolved from a simple gesture of cordiality as well as the fact that the host may not have been too willing to part with his liquor!
Cordials on the other hand, are fruit flavored juices or beverages which do not have any alcohol content in them. They are a specialty in Australia and New Zealand.
Cordials are sweet and need to be diluted with water or soda in order to be consumed. They need to be diluted because cordials have a very thick consistency and are saturated with sugar. Therefore, the added water reduces the overall sweetness of the beverage.
Cordial glasses are simply the type of glasses that are used for serving these non-alcohol fruity drinks. However, several bars and taverns, especially in the United States serve alcoholic drinks in these glasses as well.

What are Cordial Glasses?

All glasses with stems are called cordial glasses. These glasses are much finer and thinner than normal glass vessels and a cordial glass is often referred to as the pony glass as well. There are many types, such as colored and vintage glasses that come in various shapes and sizes.
Then there are a wide range of crystal and etched stemmed glasses which look fabulous as well. The size of the stems may also vary, as there are short and stubby stemmed glasses as well. These glasses are smaller than wine glasses and are often used during elegant social affairs such as cocktail parties.
The second type, that you may come across are the ones with delicate handles. The handle of a cordial glass is much narrower, which helps differentiate itself from beer mugs or coffee mugs. These glasses do not have space for fingers and are supposed to be held very gently. These glasses are designed to hold only 2-3 ounces of liquid.
While serving fruit juice, the glass is supposed to be filled completely while leaving a respectable area unfilled near the brim. Though, while serving alcoholic drinks these glasses are supposed to be only half filled way.
Cordial glasses are called pony glasses because of the small quantity of alcohol they contain. Its low capacity, makes these glasses the perfect choice for parties as well as large gatherings. Another advantage is that the guests get to decide how much would they like to consume.
Short-stemmed and stemless cordial glasses are often used for serving non-alcoholic fruity drinks. Long-stemmed glasses can be used for serving alcoholic beverages such as wines, champagne, tequila, as well as cocktails. Small umbrella hats can be placed in these glasses so as to give them a tropical appeal.
These days tip-less glasses are also available, which can be fixed onto the tray and can be served with ease to the guests. The designer of this brilliant new design is E. Scott Denison of Designsource.
Cordial glasses are by far the most versatile, as they offer a lot and bring a lot more to the table. They come in splendid regal colors such as red, green, blue, yellow, and white. These can be handled by children as well, though with care, so as to make sure that they do not break them.
The best part about these glasses is that they can be given as gifts, wedding favors, and used during birthdays, promotion parties, Christmas, Hanukkah, or even a quiet romantic dinner. So go ahead and get yourself a set or two, to have and hold!