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Corian Countertops Repair

Corian Countertops Repair - A Conclusive Guide for Useful Output

Corian countertops have to be repaired when there are some scratches or cracks on them. It is not that difficult task nor does it require any specialized skills. Read this article to enhance your knowledge on the right techniques.
Bidisha Mukherjee
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
Corian countertop is extremely popular in modern kitchens due to several advantages associated with it. Like, it is available in so many beautiful colors and patterns that it suits almost all kinds of kitchens. It has a strong resemblance with natural stone granite but it does not have a porous surface. So, it can be cleaned without any hassles. It has a strong resistance towards temperature as high as 100 degrees Celsius.
When you see cracks or scratches on the countertops, you feel very disappointed. No need to worry about them anymore as you can repair it at home. Most of the scratches and scorches that you see on the surface of countertops are caused by knives and hot pans. To repair these minor damages, you have to buy one Corian care kit. It consists of abrasive pads with fine, medium and coarse textures. Before any repair work, prepare its surface by cleaning it thoroughly to get rid of the dirt and debris. Then wipe off the water with dry towel.
Now, take a coarse abrasive pad that comes with the kit and rub it over the scratches in back and forth motions. Make sure that the rubbing strokes go beyond the length of the scratches. This way you can ensure that the sanded part blends well with its surroundings. While sanding the surface, you have to wash the pad a number of times to remove the sanded dust from it.
Wipe off the sanded area with a damp piece of cloth and let it dry for some time. Then use the medium textured abrasive pad to sand the scratches both lengthwise as well sideways. When you feel that the scratches have become smooth, stop sanding and rub off the debris with a damp cloth. Finally, the counter top should be rubbed with finest grit pad so that rough edges of the sanded section merges well with the adjacent area.
Cracks tend to develop on the Corian surface, when heavy objects fall on it. There are some tools and materials that you have to procure for this repair job. It includes a screw driver, a piece of plywood, a few wood scraps, a good quality glue and of course, the repair kit for its abrasive pads.
The damaged portion of the countertop has to be removed from its base by unscrewing it with the help of a screw driver. Take a piece of plywood whose size is the same as the removed piece of the Corian counter. Pour the glue in drops on one side of this plywood and place that side over the back of the detached piece immediately. Hold them together tightly so that the wood get attached properly. Allow the glue to dry up thoroughly.
To increase the strength of the attached plywood, glue up small wood scraps at the ends of the newly attached plywood. Then screw up the piece of countertop back to its place. Put some super glue into the crack and allow it to sink for a few seconds. If there is any excess of glue on the surface of the kitchen counter, then wipe it off. Finally, take a fine grit abrasive pad from the repair kit and rub it over the entire counter so that the cracked area blends uniformly with the surroundings.
Corian is a highly durable material. Therefore, the need for countertops repair arises only when it is not well maintained. Actually, You just have to follow a few simple and easy steps to take care of this kitchen countertops. For regular cleaning, use warm soapy water. After every wash, the water has to be wiped off or else, the surface will lose its shine. While using knives, keep a cutting board on the counter to prevent scratches. Always place hot cooking pans on heating pads. Cracks can be avoided if you do not let any heavy items fall on it.