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Ideas for Creating a Garage Storage

Rita Putatunda Sep 29, 2018
A garage has multipurpose benefits and can be used to store a variety of items. Here are a few handy storage ideas that will help you to spruce up your garage.
Garages are no longer just repositories for vehicles, household junk, and unused tools. They are often an integral part of homes, doubling up as laundry rooms, hobby areas, workshops, children's playing area, and so on. In some case they also serve as home offices. Some ideas are given to reduce the clutter and create space in your garage.

Optimize the Garage Space

In order to keep your garage uncluttered and clean, there are a myriad of storage options. Begin by categorizing the things depending of the frequency of their usage.
For example, cleaning supplies and garbage bags are used frequently, whereas the weed trimmer or the lawn mower can be kept in an obscure corner. Items can range from tools to sports equipment, or even an RV or a small boat.

Use Containers to Keep Items

Containers are very handy for stacking items. Labeling them will save a lot of effort and time.

Storage Shelves

Shelves that are wall-mounted are one of the best ways to store practically anything. There are various designs in shelving units with some that cover the entire side or back wall.
Once you organize the shelves, it will prevent anything being kept scattered on the floor. Similarly, you can also label each of the shelves, so that everybody will know where things need to go once they put them back, plus it makes it much easier to find things when you need them.

Use Rafter Racks for Extra Storage Space

Install rafter racks so that you can make the optimum use of the space overhead. This kind of overhead shelving will provide lots of space where boxes can be kept and things that are not used very frequently.

Use Brackets, Hooks, and Pegboards

Some of the other storage ideas include using brackets, hooks, and pegboards on the walls where items like golf clubs, gardening tools, shovels, and work clothes can be hung.

Safety Proof your Garage

If you have hazardous stuff such as paint, pesticides, and fertilizers, keep them in a safe place so that they are out of reach of children. Keep all sharp gardening tools and similar objects out of reach of children.
Use these tips to de-clutter your basement, so that you can create more room for other household activities. Remember to periodically clean out the entire place so that there is no cramming up of useless stuff.