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17 Effortlessly Creative Uses of a Bamboo Mat You Never Knew

Creative Uses of a Bamboo Mat
There are many more uses of bamboo mats than you can actually think of. Let's see what all can you do with the help of bamboo mats.
Foram Mehta
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
Best part about using bamboo mats are that, they can be used in several creative ways. Not only are they affordable and useful they also look elegant/traditional and add to your ambiance.
Things to Make from Bamboo Mats
Bamboo Rugs
Cut a bamboo mat into a smaller piece to make bamboo rugs out of it. These rugs can be made in different shapes like circles and semicircles; they look really nice. Put them outside your main door or outside your washrooms.
Table Mats
You can use bamboo to make table mats. With just one large mat of bamboo, you can approximately make 8 table mats. Also, if you are good at painting you can add some theme to it, using colors. Bamboo table mats look classic!
You can make tea and coffee coasters with a bamboo mat. You can make plenty of them with just one mat. Also use colors to make them attractive and appealing. You make a design on them or just give them a border.
Bamboo Finished Pillow Covers
On a pillow cover you can stitch a square patch either on the entire front or a major part on the center of the pillow cover. You can use these pillow covers in your lower sitting areas or for an outdoor seating arrangement. You can match it with a bamboo mat as a flooring.
Bamboo Screens
You can use a bamboo mat to make a screen. You will need about 3-4 mats depending on the area you want to cover. They look really nice as a partition in your drawing room or even surrounding your lawn or in your pool area.
You can make cool bamboo-bags just like paper bags, using bamboo mats. They look cool and are strong too. Carry them with you to markets or you can even use it as gift bags.
Roofing/ Thatches
If you have seating area in your garden/ lawn you can give it a roof using bamboo mats. You could also use bamboo sticks as a scaffolding in case you don't have a base ready.
Plant Decoration
You can use bamboo mats for plant decoration. You can keep your pots on bamboo pot-mats. Wood and the gardening area's combination looks very attractive. Also to add the wooden feel you can make an artificial bird nest and hang it in your garden or above your pots.
You can make a lantern with a bamboo mat. This is again for a balcony or a garden/terrace; an area where it is normally dark. Use the lantern by placing a candle or fit in a yellow bulb and enjoy the meshed effect. It looks absolutely pleasant!
You can make baskets out of a bamboo mat and use it to store fruits and vegetables.
Bamboo curtains! I am sure we all have seen them. They can be used as a contrast at your office and at home. Add some funky danglers made of crystals or beads and hang them on your curtains to add glamor to it.
You can use bamboo mats to make a fence around your garden. Take help of your family, use a Sunday and get the fencing done. You may color it if you wish.
Bamboo Trail
I have seen bamboo trails used in forest tracks and in slippery areas. You can use bamboo flooring on stairways and as a trailing in your garden.
Car Seat
Using bamboo mats on your seat covers is also a cool idea. You can use it in a similar way, as mentioned in the case of pillow covers.
You can make earrings, neck-pieces and bracelets out of a bamboo mat. You can't use them daily but they can be perfect for a Hawaiian theme or a tribal theme party.
Wall Hangings
This is according to me a place where, a bamboo mat can be used extensively. Color it, give it a theme or even use it as a photo frame and hang it in your bedroom and drawing room walls.
You can use bamboo mats to make small or large photo-frames. Keep them on your study table or gift it to your friends, adding a picture of the both of you. It'll be special because you made it yourself.
Aren't there more creative uses of bamboo mats than what you had thought? Try them, add your creativity and skill to it and you can use it to decorate your house, cars, gardens, etc. Good luck!
Bamboo frame isolated on white background
wicker basket isolated on white
Inside of thatched roof Thai cottage.
Bamboo Bag
Detail of faded bamboo garden screen
The Coaster, Dark brown bamboo mat
Bamboo straw serving mat isolated
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