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Decluttering Tips

Decluttering Tips

Are you one of those people whose home or workstation is a mess and needs decluttering? In this article, we are going to give you some decluttering tips that will help you to get organized.
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If you are one of those people who is not well-known for their well-kept home or office space, then you must have definitely heard a lot of comments about it from your friends and co workers. A cluttered home or office not only gives you the label of being disorganized and untidy, it also makes you lose valuable time in searching for things. Another downside of having too much clutter around you is that it becomes difficult for you to work efficiently. Learn how to organize clutter to have a well-balanced and clean home. A cluttered space is also bad Feng Shui wise and it attracts a lot of restlessness and negative energy. If you are prone to hoarding things which leads to clutter, then it might hint at some underlying insecurity and an inability to let go of things. Whatever the reason might me, it is absolutely vital to clear your clutter so that you can have a neat space to live and work in.

Tips for Decluttering your Home

If you want to know how to declutter your home, it makes sense to start with one room at a time. If you are thinking of decluttering all the rooms in a single day, let me warn you that it is not going to happen. It is better to do a thorough job by cleaning and organizing one room each day.

Tips for Decluttering Bedroom
The best place to start decluttering is with your bedroom closet. Learn how to organize your closet by taking stock of all the clothes, shoes and accessories that you have stuffed it with from so many years. Assign three big baskets or bins and label them as 'keep','toss', 'repair'. Now remove all the clothing from the closet and put all the stuff in the 'toss' bin for those clothes that no longer fit you, are out of fashion or are severely damaged. If there are any favorite items of clothing that needs dry cleaning or alterations, just put it in the 'repair' bin. You need to be unemotional and objective while doing this and please do not try to cheat. Put all your good clothes in the 'keep' bin.

Items like junk jewelry, shoes that are out of style and no longer fit, undergarments you no longer use, should also be put in the toss bin. Don't hold on to something just because you think that it might come in fashion again someday. Any good clothes or shoes that are in a good condition but no longer fits you can be laundered and then given away for donation. Once you are done organizing your closet, step back and look at the room. Doesn't it look better already. Now it is time to tackle all the knick knacks that you have let collect dust on the tables. Keep only essentials like the bed side table lamp, photo frames and limit decorative items to just two. Pack up or give way glass snow globes and other non-essential items. Take a look at your vanity box or dresser. Check the expiry date of all the beauty products and toss items like old nail enamel, lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras and eye liners. Also toss out old creams, lotions and all bath products. Keeping them is absolutely of no use and if you do use them, you are bound to break out in rashes. If there are some makeup items that you don't use but they are still in a good condition, give it away to friends and family.

Tips for Decluttering Living Room
Once you are done making your bedroom clutter free, it is time to tackle the living room. The living room often suffers from over decoration. There is no need to have 20 different picture frames displayed of you and your spouse. Limit the number of knick knacks and artifacts in the living room to just two or three. If you have an abundance of magazines in your home that is just strewn around, place them upright in large wicker baskets. Books that you treasure should be placed in bookshelves. Others that are old or have remained unread for more than a year can be donated to a local library, school, or college.

CDs and photo albums can be placed inside cabinets or stored inside the space under coffee tables. Hard cover books can be placed one over other and then topped with a clear and thick glass to make a unique table. Involve your children in decluttering the living room. Ask them to take out all their unused toys and games that they have outgrown. If they are in a good condition, you can donate them to a hospital, orphanage or school. Your children will also learn to be more organized and giving.

Tips for Decluttering Bathroom
Is your bathroom a jumble of towels, soaps, medicines and other toiletries? The best way to reduce clutter in the bathroom is to first get rid of all beauty products that have reached expiry date as well as other unused items. Learn how to declutter a room like a bathroom by organizing the medicine cabinets and throwing away all medicines that have expired. Place all medicines inside a see through container so that you are able to find anything quickly. Place everyday essential items like hand soaps, liquid soaps, toothbrushes and shower gels on the counter for easy accessibility. Stash all other makeup and toiletries out of sight inside the bathroom cabinets.

If you do not have built-in shelves in your bathroom, get a hanging organizer to place all the essential items. Store items like bath towels and cleaning supplies outside the bathroom to reduce clutter. Place items like magazines and hairdryers on holders that are installed at the back of the bathroom door. In spite of all these decluttering tips, you will have sundry items like hair clips, bobby pins, rubber bands and lip balms all muddled inside your bathroom cabinet. Place all these items in an inexpensive plastic tray or bamboo tray. If you want to be really thorough, you can group together similar items and place them in plastic containers. Now keep all the plastic containers on the tray.

Tips for Decluttering the Kitchen
The kitchen needs decluttering too and the best way to do it is to see to it that there is space for each and every item. Vegetables like potatoes and onions which are required in bulk and cannot be stored in the refrigerator should be kept inside wicker baskets. Kitchen cabinet drawers that are used for storing cutlery should have adjustable drawer dividers so that you can place all your spoons, forks and knives in order. Place items that are not used frequently inside the bottom cupboard in the kitchen. Kitchen staples like pasta packets and rice packets should be stored inside clear glass containers and kept on the middle shelves for easy accessibility.

The best decluttering tip for the kitchen is to put all grocery items inside the refrigerator as soon as you come from your shopping. While you are at it, clean the refrigerator out and throw away all cooked food items that are three or more days old. Old and moldy cheese, a month old casserole and those shriveled up bits of vegetables should all go to the bin. You will be amazed at the amount of space that you will clear up in the kitchen. Some stuff that we put in the kitchen, just does not belong there and is one of the primary reasons for creating clutter. Cleaning supplies, old newspapers and discarded toys should be thrown out of the kitchen and relocated to another area.

When you declutter your home, you will know how to declutter your life. A clutter free home is not difficult to create and you have to remember that clutter is an enemy that you can defeat. The trick is to know which items to keep and which to throw away. Hope that these tips were useful to you.
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