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Decorating Walls with Full-Length Mirrors

stacy johnna Jan 8, 2020
Mirrors are useful for a lot of purposes like beautifying the interior of a room and opening up space. Although there are different kinds of mirrors, they are exceptional when it comes to decorating. Mostly, these mirrors are hung on a wall to cause reflections and make the room look larger.
However, there are other ways to decorate the room to give a good look; the wall decoration creates more magnification. A full-length mirror is special, which is why it cannot be replaced by any other mirror when decorating a room. One of the most exciting reasons why full-length is unique is it increases amount of light.
With this light and reflection, the room looks bigger; hence, it can be used in areas where space is a problem. In addition, it gives a wide view, especially when you have to choose outfits to put on for the day.

Do’s and Don’ts of Hanging Full-Length Mirrors

It’s okay to decorate walls with a full-length mirror, but there are the do's and don’ts that guide their use. The reason why this is important is for users to get the best of this mirror and not complain about it. Here are the things to try out and not try out when hanging these mirrors.

Hang One in Your Dining Room

According to traditional Feng Shui, putting mirrors in a dining room helps the food in ways you cannot imagine. For instance, it creates an impression that the food is more and satisfying. It is also believed to denote an increase in wealth and abundance.
In addition, there is an increase in the amount of light entering the dining room for beauty. Obviously, you need a full-length mirror hung on a wall to do that. Not any mirror would do because the entire length of the dining table needs to be picked.

Hang One Near Windows

Another Feng Shui technique is hanging mirrors near windows for easy reflection of light into the entire room. Not all the time you have to hang mirrors on the wall to have a view of yourself. Sometimes, you need to consider whether it brings more visible light.
If a room is poorly lighted for one reason or another, using a full-length mirror would help and make it brighter. Additionally, it makes the room look bigger and larger than it used to.

Use Multiple Mirrors in your Bathroom

It is also possible to make your bathroom look bigger, and it is with the use of mirrors. In addition to beautifying it, more visible light can enter through it and light up dark corners. An interesting thing about the bathroom mirror is that: a bathroom can use more than a single mirror for decoration as long as it is kept away from the dark.
It is advisable to use multiple mirrors in the bathroom to improve chances. They could all be full-length mirrors or mixed with different kinds; however, full-length mirrors should be on the wall.

Don’t Hang a Mirror Opposite your Front Door

Still, on Feng Shui, mirrors shouldn’t be placed opposite front door, especially a full-length one. This is because it drives away all the good energy entering the home, making it quite uncomfortable. As believed, front door mirrors work opposing energy flow; it could be adjusted instead.
If you really need to have a front mirror, then adjust the angle of the mirror that it doesn’t reflect the door. Just in case the mirror has been installed permanently, then cover the mirror. This would still help you get the best of Feng Shui's energy.

Don’t Hang a Mirror where you Sleep

Additionally, never put a mirror where you sleep. Most people do this without realizing what they are actually doing. Avoid hanging a mirror where you sleep because it bounces off all sorts of energy entering the room.
When people sleep, it is believed that there is an awakening of the soul in the spirit world having a different kind of energy. The moment the soul encounters a wall mirror, it gets startled and becomes disturbed seeing its own reflection. The myth says it causes nightmares and bad dreams.

Don’t Hang a Mirror above the Fireplace

Finally, don’t make the mistake of hanging a mirror over a fireplace in a bid to decorate the room. This is not the best idea because it could be very dangerous and uncomfortable. For instance, a wall mirror placed above a fireplace would reflect what is opposite – it could be a bare wall or a doorway.
Truth is most times, it doesn’t reflect things with artistic value as expected, taking away the beauty of the room. Move the room somewhere else, if you have to.


Decorating a wall with a mirror, especially a full-length mirror is one of the smartest moves and brightest ideas ever. Moreover, it is important that you have an idea of how to place a mirror in order to get the best of it. In conclusion, if you have been doing it all wrong, then it is high time you changed the setting and use a good decoration.